Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Couple Christmas Layouts

Hello luvs... Did everyone have a great Christmas? I really hope that you were all spoiled silly and that you enjoyed your time surrounded by your family and friends.

This year I was spoiled rotten. No surprise there. My hubs is so good to me. I couldn't have picked a better man to grow old with.

I did these two layouts a couple weeks ago. So I really don't remember the details. And its too cold to go out to the craft room to see if I wrote them down. But at least I am posting. That is half of the battle.

Taking a minibreak from blogging over the next few days.

Hope you all have a fabulous new year and I'll be seeing you soon. Hugs to you all.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Thank you cards

Coordinations basic cardstock. Debbie Mumms Paper for the blue snowflake strip. Geographically speaking cartridge used for the first cup and steam. Kates Kitchen from the Imagine was used on the second. And of course I used liquid applique for the floating marshmellows. :) Sentiment was heat embossed and came from sentimental stamps. Happy day everyone!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its December 15th!!! Its December 15th!!!

That might not mean much to some, but to me, it was a BIG day. It was stocking day. Not stalking day... STOCKING day. LOL! Which means, that box that arrived a week ago could finally be OPENED!!! You know, the one that had only a return address but no name? What kind of circle sister would be so cruel as to not even hint at a name? Well, I'll tell you who... It was the most coolest circle sis ever!!! That would be Lori aka http://scrappinmystressaway.blogspot.com/ She spoiled me! Wanna see? Huh, do ya? (Insert big ol' goofy grin here please)

Pretty neat huh? I was so excited I screamed. Very glad that no one was home at the time or I'd probably be making my way to Salem right now and placed in one of those white padded rooms.

Besides all the goodies, she enclosed a lovely notecard and a family pic. Thats a true treasure right there! Letting me see into her life. Not just her crafty side but her fam side too. I felt pretty special to be included in that. And the personal note, well, that was just so touching! Lori, I really want to thank you. I loved it all. And on your blog you said something that really rang true, it really was like meeting a friend. Thank you so much for being mine. Huge hugs and Merry Christmas!

On other notes: What an evening too! Got to spend it at the mall with a friend. I felt like I was 16 again. Okay not really. But I think that was the last time I "hung out" at the mall. Hee Hee! We did some shoppin' and browsing. Just a wonderful and relaxing time. I am lovin' the holidays this year. Not crafting a bit, but you'll forgive me eventually right? Have a fantastic evening ya'll!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple, simple, simple!

I should not even share such a simple layout with you amazingly talented ladies. But if I don't post this, I have nothing to POST! LOL! So better this than nothing I guess. Michelle will have to pipe up with what paper stack this is from. This is one that we split. Do you guys do that? I love to do this with her. Our taste is so similar when it comes to paper that it works out wonderfully. And then neither one of us are stuck with excess of one print. LOVE IT! The chipboard embellishment is from My Big Idea. I didn't have a picture in mind when putting this together. I just randomly grabbed out of my stash and made myself work with it. I did use a paper punch around the black and white paper from EK Success. Found that little baby at Joanns Clearance bin for $3.97... Can't lose with that!

Will hopefully get time in the craftroom soon, but tis' the season to be swamped!!!

Layout for xmas

Here is a layout I did today. But I used pictures from 2 years ago! Yikes. I swear, I am just not going to worry about how far behind I am with scrapbooking. I'd freak out if I thought about it. This is a very basic layout using a bunch of paper from my scrap bins. The stamps were Studio G, again -snagged them at JoAnn's. I mean, how CAN one resist such things? For the Christmas Bell, I used the cricut christmas noel cartridge. I used a brad at the top so it would swivel away from the base so I could journal a little note in there. I really love hidden journaling. I hate my handwriting, I think it ruins the layout. But I know the importance of it. This way, they can have that piece of me, but I don't have to look at. Ha Ha Ha!

I believe in Santa

Okay, we're talking REALLY old paper here. The 8 x 10 sheet is from Provo Craft. I really loved this sheet but I didn't really know what to "do" with it. I found the stamp at Joanns. It's from Studio G --- and it all just fell into place. Simple and easy but I like how it turned out.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Birthday Invitation For Laser Tag

These elements were taken from the Toy Story Cartridge and adapted to fit for a ten year olds birthday party at our local laster tag arena. I will come back and list the pages I took the images from here in just a bit. Some unexpected company just came in... So I'll edit this later. Take care :)
Agnes at: http://flowerdiscosscraphut.blogspot.com/ and Stamp by Step @ http://www.stampbystep.com/ has generously awarded me a $10.00 gift certificate for their lucious products! I am sooooo stinkin' excited this morning. This has made my whole day, week, no, month?! I have never won any of those 'leave a comment drawings' before, so I really feel like shouting it out to the world and doing a crazy dance! (If you've been unfortunate enough to witness said dancing, you'll be running in the opposite direction now. LOL!)

Huge thank you to both Agnes and Stamp By Step!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas Card

Pardon the blur, not sure why it does that when I scan them? Could be the big bow raised the lid too high causing it to blur? Just a theory. But please over look it! :)

Really basic shapes with this one. Rounded the corners with a corner punch. Used a
4" scalloped square and the circles were from mini monograms. Tied the ribbon like a package, having a part of it peek over the top and then tied. Stamped the tree on the white scallop. Found the stamp in the dollar bin. I 'think' its a studio G stamp but it wasn't in its originally wrapping so I can't be positive. Blinged the tip with a gem and VOILA! Simple card for xmas but pretty.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cartridges Under The Tree Waiting For ME!

Yep. I didn't even bother to wrap them. The drool just ruins the pretty wrapping anyways. LOL! --- Scored Picuresque at JoAnn's over Black Friday. I was very happy to see this one out in circulation finally. Paper Lace was purchased on a hot buy thing for BF too. Four legged, well, that one found me at walmart and I don't know what happened. It must have just jumped into the cart. I mean, if it wanted to go home with me that badly, I should let it right?

Thats my story and I am sticking to it!

Actually, I have not bothered to wrap them because I am unsure if they will go back. I am still trying to convince myself that I can live without them. So I am currently playing with them on the gypsy and see whats what. Another reason to LOVE the G. :)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thank You Card

Just a really simple (but I think pretty) card for you today. 5.5" x 5.5" black base card 5" x 5" Velvet topping from DCWV La Creme (Can I just insert that I 'love' that pack?!) Then 3.75" down to 2.75" stacked sentiment base cut from MS All Occasion cartridge. If my notes are correct, it can be found on page 36. ---See? I took notes for once. LOL! Lets just hope this all matches up to the card I am actually talking about. HA! Little bling with my irock to finish it off and add a splash of color. Voila! Done...

On other notes: Congratulations to both the Oregon Ducks and the Oregon Beavers. What a whopper of a game. The beginning almost gave me an ulcer! And thats just silly because I really like both teams. It would have been happy with either outcome. And plus, WHY did I get upset over something as trivial as football? I am such a goon.

Have a fab Sunday everyone!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon Beavers

AUGH! Whats a girl to do? I like to support both teams. But this is war.


Have to go with the ducks on this one. They have a chance for the bigger bowl games and have worked so hard to get there this year. Hey, they even kept the penalties to a minimum I think. We should reward them for their good behavior right? LOL!

Lets hope they keep the 'civil' in the war. And please, for goodness sake, lets not hit the spectators. I am expecting huge penalties on both sides because, well, thats what they do. But I also expect a good game. Best of luck to both of them but I really hope the ducks come out on top this year!

Oh, and my apoligies to you. This has squat to do with crafting. HOWEVER, you can bet your last dollar I'll have the Gypsy in my hand and be desiging between penalty calls, commercials, and half time. So there you go... I mentioned crafting. Ha ha!

Comments Keep Getting Turned Off? & A Welcome

Welcome new followers! Thank you for stopping by and visiting. I am so happy that you liked what you saw well enough to decide to follow. Please leave me comments when you can, and a link to your blog if you have one. I would love to follow you as well (if I don't already!)- - - there is just so much talent out there. I want to see it all!

Secondly, my comment feature suddenly has decided not to show up after each post and if I forget to change that, well, you don't have a spot to comment. So I am going to try to remember to do that. My apologies for your recent frustrations and having to back track to a earlier post to comment.

I wish you all a fabulous and 'crafty' weekend!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

A pink christmas card?

You betcha!

4" w x 5.5" l polka dot paper
3.75" x 5.25 pink cuttled paper
3.25" X 5" polka dot paper
2.75" x 4.75" pink cuttled paper
all sammied on a 4.25" x 5.75" black cardstock based card.

White cardstock square cut at 2.25" x 2.5" Stamped with a inkadinkadoo acyrilic stamp. Adhered black satin ribbon for a bit of embellishment.

Inside I added a small snowflake brad just to tie it all together. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I have "style" :)

I even have an award to SHOW that I have style for those that don't believe me. LOL!

Who was crazy enough to award me such a thing? Adorable and delightful Stacy from Love That Bug! http://lovethatbug.blogspot.com/ You'll want to put her in your favorites to check out for sure. This lucky chic recently got a new truck with 8, yes I said 8 cupholders! Who has such a thing? Apparently her. LOL! Definately going to have to talk to my hubby about an upgrade because my truck only has 4... (only kidding here of course.) I love "Ramsey" (my truck)and I get kind of attached to my vehicles. I could never trade him in just because of his lack of adequate cup holding space. Where he lacks in holders he gains in speed. That truck can really eat up the pavement when I need it to. Okay, so I like power. I admit it. Doesn't mean I have to USE it. But I have it if the guy next to me is being a turd. Ha Ha!

Where was I going with all this? Oh yeah. Style. Does calling someone a turd take away from my style award? OOPS! Moving on...

Lets see, check out Stacy. Oh and then go to the following EIGHT (hey stacy, you have something for eights or what? LOL!) blogs to congratulate them on their awards because I am passing them on to:









Go check out these stylish ladies and their blogs and leave them some love!!!

Lastly I need to list 8 things about me. Yep, 8. HA!

1.) I like even numbers. 2.) Christmas is my favorite holiday. 3.) I love to read
4.) I don't get to watch very much tv 5.) My house is full of love 6.) My hubby spoils me 7.) My child makes me laugh 8.) My truck has only 4 cupholders. LOL!


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My "Art" Journal & My Thoughts About it.

Notebook Before:
While pretty, its a bit plain. Why not dress it up a tad?


Okay, didn't spend a lot of time on this tonight but I got it done. Which was the whole exercise. Complete it. Don't over think it. Who ME?! Gosh, does this woman have insight to me personally? I kept it simple. Using what I already had. A plain notebook. I grabbed the very first sheet of paper that I came to. Seriously. Cut it to 5" wide and 8" high. Double stick taped the top part and set it aside. I inked the edges roughly on purpose. I didn't want it to be perfect. That was the lesson to myself. This journal is to spark ideas, jot notes, phrases, doodles, whatever. So I needed to focus less on "getting it right" and just getting it down. Or done. Whichever it may be. Adhered the roughly inked paper to the top and repeated for the back. Randomly cut lengths of semi coordinating ribbon. Again, purposely did not measure and didn't care if it matched exactly. GO ME! I just stopped thinking and started cutting and tying.

So that was my basic piece. But it needed "something" to inspire me, intrigue me, keep me focused. But what? Awe, just the thing. A sticker from my bestie that is a quote from Abrahamn Lincoln and happens to be just one of my favorites which was "It's not the years in your life that count, it's the life in your years." Don't you just love that? Isn't that perfect for daily reflection and inspiration? So I slapped that sucker on there and COULD have called it quits. But my brain kept saying "BE" --- interesting. Be what? Be true. Be yourself. Be anything you want to BE. Hmmm... Yeah, lets add that! And so I grabbed my box of random letters and BAM wouldn't you know, they coordinated. No effort on my part at all. Hmmmm... Yeah, I like that!

Now what? Well, I had those assorted letters out and the word "inspire" was running thru my head so I spelled that out too. But what I really loved about it was that each letter was unique in itself. Nothing coordinating. Again, a gentle reminder to me to just get these moments recorded because in the BIG PICTURE of things, thats what is going to matter most. It won't be "Gosh, was that girl color blind? What WAS she thinking when she chose ____" At least it shouldn't be. What I am hoping for is that everything I do will show the LOVE that I have to share, my real everyday moments, my imperfections and faults, my talents, basically the real me. So when someone looks at this when I am gone, they'll think "wow. She loved so many and really captured life while she was here." Isn't that what we're all scrapping for?

I liked this excerise alot. Total motivation to get these moments down on paper! So this is my journal. I'll jot down the things that inspire me as well as everyday moments and see what I come up with. Think I'll carry it around in my purse for awhile so when I see an idea or think of something I can quickly record it for later. I have a terrible case of oldtimers and even though I have the best of intentions to remember those important details, most often than not, I forget. :)

Whose Playing?

Not that I have a lot of extra time right now, but I just couldn't resist signing up for this free class. Yes FREE!!! Looking forward to the inspiration and helpful tips. Oh, and how can I resist all my other classmates? LOL! This should be fun.

Just dropped in and read the first assignment. An art journal. Hmmm... I think I have the perfect 'blank' canvas for this. My friend and I did a stocking exchange the other day and she gave me a bound notebook so I wouldn't leave you all hanging without details anymore. Well, I think I am going to continue to leave you hanging and snab it for this exercise instead. HA HA HA!!! Will post a pic when finished. (Don't expect fancy. That wasn't in the requirements. LOL!)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Penguin Card

Quick and easy card made with the DCWV winter stack. Inkadinkadoo stamp embellished with a bit of diamond dust on the igloo.

I needed something easy to do after all the hubabaloo of this weekend. Sheesh! I forgot the holidays were so exhausting. :)

Having a great time with friends and family though. As I hope you are as well!

If you were like me, you scored some major deals on Black Friday, have it all wrapped and under the tree. Shoot! I even went a step further and put up all my xmas villages. I am rockin' it this season. For feeling "so behind" just one week ago, I caught up in a big way. Love it!

Oh, and for toppers, I got to see that sweet little baby of my dear friend. Did I mention how precious she was? She lost some weight. So she's five pounds now. Dang! Five pounds! She's a tiny little thing and makes the most hilarious facial expressions already. So content and happy. I just know I am going to have to fight the compulsion to spoil her daily. I can see she has her mom and dad wrapped around her finger. Whats one more person? LOL! So yeppers, a great weekend is underway!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Winter Wonderland & Winner Announcement!

I just love this double layout. It was so fun to make.

And now lets get down to what you all are dying to know, shall we?

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 30

SOOOOO = That makes the lucky winner Wende! Congrats!

Wende said...
"You are just so giving. Thanks to you! Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for the chance to win.

Thank you to all my followers and for those of you that played along. Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. May you all be warm, your bellies full, and have light in your heart. Toodles~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gingerbread Layout

I know this one! I know this one! LOL! Yep, could you guess that I used the new Gingerbread cartridge on this one? I love all the gingy images. EXCEPT FOR THE ACTUAL GINGER BOY AND GIRL. Go figure. Ha Ha! But its a wonderful cartridge. I think I am going to have alot of fun with it. Super easy layout but it will be perfect for when Jaryd and I get to baking in a few weeks.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Reindeer layout

Okay, can't get any simpler than this layout. I just loved the red reindeer on here. Again, this paper is OLD so I don't know who made it. But I know why I picked it up. I just keep falling in love with the blast of red on there. I didn't want to take away or over embellish. So I only added diamond dust to the patterned flourish to add a little bling. Then I left a spot for 'one' photo. Figure it will really stand out that way. But I adhered it to a red envelope. Hence the red flap with the 3 jewels. Again, just a tiny bit of bling. Whats with the envy you ask?! Well to put in my secret journaling of course!

Snowflake layout

Random paper. MS punch for around the picture frame edge. Home Accents corner snowflake. Pooh Friends snowflake and the florish is from ????

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Let it snow layout

I really hope your not going to ask what paper I used because it came out of the really, really, really old pile that I am starting to make an attempt to use up. I didn't see any manufacturer on it. So please just ignore that fact that I can't give you details. Oh wait, I am lousy at giving you details anyways. So we're good! LOL!

The main part of the page that is cut several times but in different sizes, well, that image came from "Just Cards" cartridge. And the flakes, well, I know that one too. Only I don't know how to get my Gypsy to refresh my memory... Ha Ha! So, ladies with G's - how do you do that?

The let it snow stamp was inkadinkadoo. Don't you just love that name? Its so fun!
Again, pretty simple layout. But it just felt like a snow day here today so I was inspired.

A layout

First of all, welcome new followers! I am so excited to see new faces and get all those wonderful comments! Makes my heart smile. Its true, it does! Thank you ALL for taking the time to come here. I want to issue a special thank you to Agnes aka Flowerdiscohttp://flowerdiscosscraphut.blogspot.com/ and Just Yoliehttp://justyolie.blogspot.com/ for helping me get a few of those fab new followers. I can't rave about you ladies enough. And if you haven't heard about these ladies (but I bet you have! - please go check them out!) I have been a tad preoccupied as of late, so I haven't hopped to as many blogs as I had hoped. But I will! Be patient! I love to see all of you and what wonderful creations you come up with. Your all so inspiring! Believe it or not, I anticipate it finally slowing down a bit, so expect a visit!

I had an emergency today. I ran out of adhesive!!! Can you believe that? I used up every single bit of adhesive I had except one glue stick. And I hate glue sticks. So it might not be proper, but I used my glue gun on all my layouts I created today. Ooops. My bad! Need to get some adhesive ASAP!

Here is the layout I was yabbering about. Nothing too fancy. But I had some 5.25" trees laying on my counter from a trial that I did for an order. I hate to waste... So I embossed them and then inked them. Originally they were green trees, but I added bronze, silver, and gold over the top. It gave it a gorgeous patina. The picture doesn't do it justice. Its really lovely in person.

The background is simple. But see the circle? Its a perfect circle. Made with the MARTHA STEWART circle cutter. Yep, I have an Expression that can't cut a circle, its forever wonky. Okay, it USE to cut a circle. But since I used my deep cutting blade on it, I haven't seen a nice circle since. SOOOOO what am I babbling about? Go get a MS circle cutter if you don't have one. I love it! Quick and easy. Adjusts to the perfect size every time. Did I mention that I love it? LOL!

What else, what else? Seems like there is more to share with you. But hey, I lost my brain and I can't find it. So thats all your getting tonight. :) More layouts for the next few days. I was on a roll. But then I had to stop because for some reason my guys wanted dinner and for me to pay attention to them. Whats up with that?!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Invites

Everything on this card was created with the Christmas Cartridge. The card itself was 5.5" x 5" green cardstock base. Red cardstock trim at 5.25" x 4.75". White cardstock slightly smaller and cuttled with the swiss dots folder. The tree itself was cut at 5" and embossed with a floral sizzix folder. Used the irock to set the gems to make them look kind of like lights or ornaments on a tree. The tricycle was cut at 2.5" the present at 1.5" and the bear at 1.5" --- Times that by 15 and you got just enough to invite the family over for Christmas. :)

Every year we rent a local grange and have our extended family get together for a Ukranian Traditional Christmas. This means so much to my cousins and I. The older generation has passed the torch on to us so to speak. So we all get assigned a traditional dish and try to make it like they used to. Lets just say that we haven't quite mastered them yet so last year was QUITE entertaining. But that is what makes the memories. And our elders are there to tell us what we did incorrectly and to make suggestions for a better dish next time.

Let me tell you - after last weekends experiment with the pyrohy - I will take any advice or time saving tips I can get. That was hell! But I do feel a sense of accomplishment for having done it. Please say a prayer that I actually pinched the dough so it stays together!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thankful & A Giveaway!

Its that time of year when you reflect on the past and present. To be thankful for what you've been given and for what you have. Never thought in a million years that I'd have a blog. But all of you have been so supportive and kind. I love visiting each of you as often as I can and picking up those tips that you so generously give. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. They mean so much!

So put the word out there. I am giving away the Provocraft Stamping cartridge as a way of saying thank you. All you have to do is to be a follower and to comment on this post and you'll be entered to win! PLEASE, please, please leave a way for me to get ahold of you. Links are great if you have them. But you need to leave me something to get in touch with you. I'll draw and announce the winner on Wednesday November 24th.


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Baby Wishes

My dear friend is due this week and I wanted to have a card on hand to go with a little something I got for that special day. This bear actually came from the christmas cartridge! Cute huh? I stepped away from the traditional bear colors and went silly and pink. I have no idea why I picked strawberry print for the bear but I really like it. I even went a step further by adding strawberry scent to the card. They make these jelly type pens that come in so many fun scents, I just couldn't resist. They add a bit of shine to the image so I put those on the pale pink parts. So fun! Added the pink frazzle bow from my ribbon stash and stamped a quick sentiment. The card is 5.5" with the pink base 5.25", green floral at 5". White parts a just a smidgen bigger than those sizes. I forgot to write those down. Bear cut at 4.75"

Busy getting ready for the holidays. Did ya'll realize that Thanksgiving is next week? How on earth did we get there so fast? And don't talk Christmas yet or you'll see me go into a full blown panic. Really wish my employer would come back to work so I can breathe again. Might have been bold of me but I insisted for Black Friday off regardless. I have a date with my bestie and theres nothing they can do about it. LOL!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tip for Irock or Tulip Gem Setter

Hey ladies, just a quick little tip from me today.

I am not lazy. But I detest pulling out my hot glue glun and waiting for it to heat up just for one tiny little embellie. Drives me nuts. Then you have to wait for it to cool before you put it away. Again, I just go practically batty over that. Okay, maybe I 'am' a tad lazy...

SO... My solution was to cut up a glue stick into various little chunks and put in a cute jar on my work station. Then when I need to add that "one small thing" I just grab a tiny glue fragment and my irock then BAM!!! Its all done. No muss, no fuss, no bother!

LOVE it. You may have already thought of it, but I thought I'd put it out there in case your a little slow like me!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday

This card was created with the Toy story cartridge for Woody. And I used the celebrations cartridge for the large present and balloons.

The infamous dcwv paper stack and misc. scraps.

OH! And before I forget to tell you, it was a inkadinkadoo owl stamp on my last card. SEE I knew I had it! Love that stamp.

And what I didn't post was me peeling 15 pounds of potatoes, nor making a huge batch of dough that included 5 lbs of flour. That is what I spent yesterday doing. Not exactly crafting, but I was productive. All I have to say is, I really, really, REALLY appreciate my relatives that have taken it upon themselves to make the pyrohy every year while I just came with the veggie tray. Yikes! Pinching all those suckers into dumplings took FOREVER. I thought I was going to die. Thank god my mom showed up halfway through and helped me finish. Otherwise, I'd still be at it I am sure.

Hope everyone had a crafty or productive weekend!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Look "hoo's" having a birthday!

Alright. Alright. I know squat about the details of this card. LOL! I used paper and a stamp from the chaos I call a craft room. I colored with my markers as best I could and this is what I came up with. The inside says "look hoo's having a birthday." Not a very original saying I guess, but hey, its all I could think of!
Please tell me this has happened to you. I can't be the only one that has gotten buried under their supplies. I am going to blame this on Mich. Its her fault. If she'd have come over on Saturday or Sunday like she said, all that extra STUFF wouldn't have been there and I couldn have FOUND all this important info. Ha! Thats my story and I am sticking to it!

Pretty sure the paper is from coordinations. I know I have the manufacturer of that stamp, but where did I put that info? Thats a true mystery.

Do you have parents that insist you don't "do" or "get" anything for them for their birthday or christmas? I have one of those!!! And I detest it. I really do. She's my MOM and I love her and would like nothing more than to spoil her. But, she drives me nuts. I get her a gift, she'll return it and buy something for me. I get her a giftcard somewhere and she'll take my son shopping. Do you see where I am going with this? I've tried it all and she fights me all the way. I love her. I appreciate her. But man oh man, sometimes, I could scream.

Since I couldn't get the puppy I knew she wanted (I seriously tried!) all I have is this card and some stuff from her favorite store. I know she's going to return it and we'll repeat the vicious cycle next year. Oh wait, we still have xmas to fight over yet. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! LOL!

Oh, and I wanted to take a moment and thank all the men and women out there, past and present, that have served our country and fought for our freedom. And those who continue to do so. Thank you and god bless you.

A funny...

So... I don't usually share home life on here. But ocassionally I do just to break up the monotony. :) If you don't want to hear about it, just skip this post and come back tomorrow. I should have something crafty to post by then. Currently having technical camera and computer issues so thats why my craft posts have stopped. (I am so tech challenged its almost a crime for me to even have a blog.)But its fun, so I'll continue for a bit.

Anyways. My funny story while eating dinner last night. (He had a cheeseburger)

Jaryd asked me how many years he has to go to college. So I told him that depends on what he wants to be when he grows up. So he said a spy. (Hey, he's 10!) So I explained that you don't really go to "college" for that. But if thats what he's truly wanting to be, he should plan on taking alot of math and computer classes.
Okay, he quickly drops the spy thing.

Then it was fine, I'll stay home and watch the dogs and play video games... Uh, no child. You will not. You will have to get a job and WORK to pay bills and rent etc. Its how the world works. So really, you have to go through some college. Unless you want to be something like a gas attendant or stock shelves at a store. He totally rebuffed the gas attendant because of the smell. LOL! But didn't throw out stocking shelves immediately.

I said, what about a fireman? That was a huge no. He thought that I was incredibly mean to even suggest sending him into a place that was intensely hot. (He wanted to be a policeman earlier so I just jumped from that to a fireman, but now he thinks I want him to roast his buns apparently.)

SO a commercial comes on and I catch a glimpse of it. A cowboy riding the range... So I said, "hey! How bout' being a cowboy and working on a farm?" He looks at me like I've quite possibly lost my mind and asks "what would I do on a farm that could make money mom?!" And I said "Well, you can grow crops. Or raise cows." "Why would I raise cows?" he demands, still looking at me like I'm a moron. And I said "to sale it for the meat." He drops his cheeseburger down on the plate absolutely disgusted with me and my idea and said "Who in the world would eat meat from a COW?!" Um, yeah... I laughed so hard I had tears. I didn't say another word about it. If I had, he wouldn't have ate his dinner and I risked him forever being vegetarian.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's here! I finally received my yudu that I got with my reward points. Now watch, they'll put something extra grand on the rewards and I'll have to watch in agony as everyone snaps it up. LOL! --- But I couldn't resist this new toy. Hey, I can't resist any of them really. What can I say? I am caught up in the web of pc! They have my number and its apparently on their direct dial list! I have no problem with that. I'd like to be on their direct 'trial product' list too. But I doubt that will ever happen. Ha Ha!

I haven't had a chance to get this baby out of her box yet, but I will! I just don't have a clue on where I am going to store it. Thats enough to drive me batty let me tell you. I really don't think its something I am going to use a ton of, but something I am glad to fall back on when I need it. And I 'will' have fun with it. What was there to lose? Only had to pay shipping so I am very happy overall. You've probably seen Michelle posting lately in my comments. She's a bestie and one of my favorite playmates. I am sure I can convince her to come over and break it in with me. Its practically an obligation on her part right?

You may have noticed a lack of posting lately. Besides being insanely busy and exhausted (those two seem to go hand in hand with me) my camera chip is being uncooperative with me. I took pics of some cards before mailing them out and some of my sons bday and halloween to share, but for some reason the computer has stopped wanting to recognize the chip. Argh. You all know I am technically challenged. I won't even try to deny it. So you'll just have to miss out on what I've been doing and I'll have to start fresh again. So hopefully by Monday I'll have something new to post. Hope everyone has an amazing day!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I recieved an award for my ATTITUDE!

Sheesh! Here I thought I'd get in trouble for that. Or drive you all away. But the crazy and lovable Tazza at My Everday Gifts http://myeverydaygifts.blogspot.com/ decided not to reject me and gave me an award for it instead. How awesome is that? Thanks Taz!

This means I not only recieve a $5.00 Gift Certificate for Digi's With Attitude Store, but now I can brag that "My Blog's got the `Tude!" And I LOVE that!

All I have to do is tell you 3 things that make me different and nominate 5 blogs. So... What gives me the `Tude?

1. Family Support: Without them, I'd have a 'poopy tude' but with my amazing friends and fam--- I rock! They give me tons of encouragement and support!

2. I believe in myself. I am not afraid to lead or start my own path. Follow if you want or I'll see you along the way. Makes no difference to me. I always march to my own drummer.

3. For maximum attitude, I just do whatever I want, when I want! LOL!

The 5 Blogs I nominate are:






Please display this badge proudly and link it to the Digi's With Attitude! Challenge Blog. To qualify for the $5.00 Digi's With Attitude! Store Gift Certificate please read the guidelines @ http://digiswithattitudechallenges.blogspot.com/p/i-got-attitude-blog-award.html

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Card For Brother In Law

Well, I actually made two cards for him. But one is an 'adult' version and I just don't think it would be appropriate to post on a blog. LOL! All I can say is that its amazing how versatile George or Plantin can be. :) Who'd have thought it could make a portion of the male anatomy? I sure didn't! But hubby's side comment got me thinking and so I just had to after that! But there was NO WAY on gods green earth I was signing my name on it. Jaryd and I signed the more appropriate and kid friendly card above.

I'll be back to edit this post and let you know what cartridge I used for the biplane. For whatever reason it escapes me at the moment. I do know that I used rockstar dcwv paper. The one with the lion on it. I just used the portion with the blue and swirls. I'll use the lion on something else. Biplane cut at 2.5" with a small hand cut banner towing behind. Sentimental happy birthday stamp. Oh, I also used a small piece of twine for the rope that pulls the banner. Liquid applique for the clouds. I just love that stuff. I sure hope I find it in my stocking this year. (Michelle, this is a very thinly veiled hint!) LOL! In fact, I would really love to find it in a giant tube or something. Its great on a lot of stuff to add dimension. And I thought made the perfect clouds.

Feeling very bummed that I didn't do many halloween crafts this year. Could have been because of the baby shower, but I really think its just because I got so busy. Hopefully I can sit down and get some thanksgiving cards out and then christmas. Its that time already! Sheesh... Okay, I am not going to gripe. I just love this time of year.

And, in case I am not back beforehand, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone.

Quick card with Imagine

Here is something I made up in just a few minutes using my Cricut Imagine. Kates Kitchen was the cartride I used and the images cut around 3" for the background and about 1.5" for the mitts and apron. I had to pull out my irock for a little bit of bling. It is very simple, but I love it! Had a impromptu coffee date with a bff and wanted something quick to hand her. I didn't have time to bake with only a 20 minute lead time so I grabbed some little debbie muffins and threw them on a plate to go with our coffee. So inside the card I wrote "I appreciate your friendship and you can appreciate the fact that I didn't bake." Or something like that. --- I was trying to make her laugh. Because the last time I was in a hurry with the desserts I accidently grabbed cornstarch instead of the powdered sugar... DOH!!! -- Good thing it was for a topping and we quickly remedied the problem before it was applied. But dang did we have a good laugh. So it was just a happy memory for us.

Love you PMB!

Happy Birthday!

This is a 5" card stamped with a unknown chic and sentiment. (Hey, I didn't know we were suppose to keep track before I threw the wrapping away!) Inside is a chick created with create a critter. Cut the chicky out at 2.5" and added a tiny feather at the top of her head for fun. Before mailing the card, I wrote: "Heard this hot chic was having a birthday!" --- Still waiting to hear if she liked the card or not. She's at the coast with family so this will be a nice surprise for her when she returns.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Keepsake Box

Uh, yeah. Still baby shower stuff. Sorry! What can I say? I love babies! I had so much fun with doing the shower but I am so glad to get all this stuff gone. My bedroom was the staging area and boy let me tell you, it was starting to get ridiculous!

This keepsake box I found at Joanns for under $4.00 - I think it was a Debbie Mumm box. Anyways, it was plain. So I jazzed it up with Minnie Mouse cut out at 11.5" - And then added Chloe using the Disney Font Cartridge. I thought it was adorable!

P.S. Agnes, this is my LAST baby shower post for a while. I am ready to move on now. LOL!

Card I made for the mom to be.

Are you tired of the baby shower stuff yet? Tough! LOL!

Here is a card I made for the mom. I used the slumber party lite cartridge. I just fell in love with the slippers. Figured she'd be walking the floor alot, so the card just made sense. Accompanied with fuzzy slippers for the mom of course!