Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Turn to page 51 and you will see the images I had to work with. Fun huh? I made this tag while I was camping! Added the peachy keen face stamp when I got home. I thought she turned out pretty cute. Makes me excited for halloween! I didn't take any stamps with me in the rv so I just hand wrote "Happy Halloween" - I will try not to wince at my hand writing. But I like the stamped or computer generated look when it comes to my projects. I have horrible hand writing! LOL! But oh well. It is what it is. I want to find a little green frog brad and add it to her scarf around her neck. But I temporarily misplaced them. Boo!

Hope you like what I came up with. Now check out the other ladies amazing creations!




Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PDDU Challenge

Welcome new followers. Thanks for joining us! I will be by to check your sites out and if I am not already a follower, well, I will be!

I feel like I let everyone down on this particular project. I wanted to do something with that sand castle but just could not squeeze in the time to get to the craft room. I won't feel too terrible because I know you have all been there. But I will step it up a notch on  my next assignment.

I do like this one, even in its simplicity. It cracks me up and I know it drove the point home. Kids nowadays love that long hair. My son included. But this chic doesn't like long hair on boys overly much. Now some boys can pull it off. But my son and nephew, not so much... So this was perfect.

I used the hair accessorie feature and cut it out at 5.25". Which still seemed a bit small but I went with it.
Just used a normal font and printed what I was trying to say on the computer. Really, the easiest and quickest card I've ever done I think!

Paper was not marked by manufacturer unfortunately. I really like it though. Love clearance bins but sometimes the "details" on the stuff your buying is missing. So if you recognize it from somewhere, shout it out. Its a really great guy paper I think. Or for kids cards.

Have a fabulous Memorial weekend. Thank our vets. Cherish your family. Have a great time!

 Miss Sheena

Miss Agnes

Miss Dawn

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The above was mine. Page 43 of Paper Doll Dress Up. Mermaid cut at 4.25" Seahorses cut at 4.25" and 5" The fish was 2.5" 3.25" and 5". Coral was 3.5" 2.5" and 2" Love h ow it looks. The Seashell was cut at 4.25" also and when you open it up there is a place to journal and the hidden pearl.

Little Miss Agnes Amazes Us With This Creation

Little Miss Dawn Knocks Our Socks Of With This

And Last But Not Least, Sheena Blew Us A Way With This
Every time these ladies take it up a notch. Crazy! How the heck am I suppose to keep pace? Uh. Not! Oh well, having a ball just playing along. Go to their blogs and share some loves.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well, as the saying goes, better late than NEVER! Ugh. I won't even go into the problems I am having with Blogger. I really feel terrible about letting the team down. Soooo sorry ladies! But it is still Wednesday here in Oregon. So I kinda made the deadline... Sorta.

Here it is:

Paper was from the DCWV Rustic Stack. I think its pretty by itself. But since I had to put something on it to complete the project I chose a one page layout with the girl cut at 4". Now we don't have to use all the images on the page. But I am having so much fun with it, I couldn't resist. I used Peachy Keen face stamp set PK590. Lamp and steam cut at 1.75", Bottle cut at 2.25" Sand castle cut at 3.25" using the accessorie 3 feature.

The saying in the box says "Every girl wishes her sand castle is a replica of her future dream home."

Very simple layout but oodles of character I think. For even more exciting projects, don't forget to check out the other amazing ladies!
 Dawn at

Sheena at

And Agnes at

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Who'd have thought?


Will show you what I come up with when finished. Good or bad. I have now posted so I have to follow thru... :) Wish me luck

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Thank you Provo Craft

I didn't cry, but I did whimper a bit. My beloved gypsy died. And I was without it for so long. I didn't want to continue the hassle with my "extended warranty" company. To give you the jist of the story, the warranty company that was suppose to fix it, didn't even know what a Gypsy WAS. So I didn't feel so great about sending her to them for her operation... So after calling Provo a couple times, it was resolved. They had me ship her in and sadly she was pronounced DOA....

So after a few seconds of appropriate silence... they agreed to ship out a new one. Yes my first one was taken away to soon. Yes, I can't truly ever replace her. BUT it was sure nice of PC to send me another one so I can at least carry on with crafting!

So, even though I've had issues with them before, I am very happy with them helping me resolve this.
Hope everyones Sunday is beautiful.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Thoughts & Prayers

A crisp embossed card. Black, white, and silver. Got the stamp at a yardsale so unfortunately don't know the manufacturer. Looks like one Costco was carrying awhile back but I can't be sure... Just kept it super simple and clean. Maybe even a bit somber. Could have a multitude of uses. Funeral, someone in hospital, etc.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We are brought to you today by the letter D. D as in DINOSAUR! At first I thought "Oy, what the bumpkins am I going to do with THAT page?!" Then as I worried and fretted - nothing came flying to my brain to save the day. Then all of a sudden BAM! Just like Emeril Lagasse and his shot of "BAM" it hit me upside my knoggin. A table scape! I have to admit, I was having a ball making this. I was hot gluing like a mad woman. I didn't "have" to use all the images. But I do believe I did. Why? Because it was FUN! Then a couple days later I needed to make a card for a friend and what did I come up with??? A girl dino card. I wanted to show you that "dinosaurs" aren't just for boys. They aren't just for layouts or one time usage. They are for girls and parties. Really the possiblities are endless.

So enough of my yappin. I will bring you the goods. Turn to page 35 of the Paper Doll Dress Up cartridge and lets get this show on the road!

What I did: Cut the volcano out at 4.75" using espresso and tomato colored paper. Cut them 4 times each. Yes 4. That isn't a typo. Grab a paper cup any size will do. If it ends up too tall just lop off the bottom or top. Which ever. Maybe the top so you have a nice even bottom. Don't want a wonky bottom!

Layer the cuts so that they go all the way around the cup. Slightly overlapping each other. Hot glue when you got everything where you want it. Then add the hot lava. For added fun, use some red applique and puff those babies up with your embossing gun. Watch your fingers! It may not be real lava but thats real heat coming out of the embossing gun. My finger got too close and boy howdy did I pay attention after that.

Glue the tops of the lava flow to the volcano where you think it looks good. Then get some red tulle out of the cupboard and add some of that so it looks like its spewing out the top of the mountain. If I had orange, I would have mixed some of that in with the red. But oh well. It looks good all red too.

Next cut an 11" circle out of green paper. I guess you could use brown too. Whatever! I'm  easy. Just don't be spreading that around... ;) I used the Plantin cartridge for the circle but lots of carts have that feature. Or use your MS circle maker if you have that. Shoot, cut a square. I don't care!

The plants were cut out at 3.5" using the auto fill feature.  Chalk them up a bit if you'd like. Then cut slits in the circle large enough for the plant bases to slide thru. Fold them ends under and tape or glue them. Add a lil' bit of glue on the top side if they go wonky. Mine didn't at first, but after a few days I had to add some glue topside. (Lesson here is to take pictures as soon as project is finished!)

Cut a triceratops out of whatever color you want. Flip the image and cut again. Why twice? Because you want to be able to see a complete centerpiece from EVERY angle. I cut my tricerotop at 2.5"
Ditto with Mr. Stegasaurus. only I cut him at 3.75" After assembly of these guys I fashioned a .25" strip of paper and bent it in half. Inserted it between the dino's feet before I glued the sides together. Leaving a little "stem" poking out under them. Cut a slit in the circle and poke the stem thru. Glue and your thru. They are standing and roaming feroucious creatures. Meandering the bushes while they wait for eminent death from the spewing volcano. Ha!

Now raid your bbq stash for a wooden skewer. Cut two teradactyls (flip one!) and sandwich together while remember to glue the skewer inbetween the sandwich. The girl was cut at 4". I used the peachy keen face stamp PK490. And added a purse from page 38 accessory #3.

Add googly eyes to all the creatures because its not a fun project unless you have googlies. Then you are done! Phew! That is the most descriptive entry I think I have ever made.

Now on to the card. We'll keep it short and sweet. I used the sweet shack paper stack from dcwv. Cut it at 4.25 x 5.75. Use coordinating cardstock accordingly. Typed sentiment says "you're going to make a 'dino-mite' big sister." Cut dino's at 3.75" and another one at 2.75." I added a bow to the baby for fun and painted their toes with black smooch.

DONE. Now go check out the other stupendous and wonderfully fun projects from my new pals. If you can, leave them comments. We all thrive on our comments don't we? Keeps us going.  LOL!
Hugs to you all. I'll try to stop by tomorrow and leave YOU ladies some long overdo love as well. And if anyone figures out how to add more hours in a day, please share how you did it with me.

Here are the awesome takes from my new friends: