Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Drawing RAK Friday

Regardless if I hit 100 - the drawing will be Friday.

I am not going to post this week, got a really bad ear infection in both ears so I am just miserable. But I'll post the winner Friday regardless and as soon as the winner gets me the maiing info, I'll get the package straight out.

Good luck everyone. :)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Happy Easter = For a guy.

I was messing around with the Wild Card cartridge. This one always throws me. I love it though. Breaks you out of the square and rectangles that we all fall into. Well, at least "I" fall into. I usually just pick a piece of paper and then hit an image and whatever it comes out as is what I get work with to make the card. Which is exactly what happened here. I hit 'fit to page' and had no idea it would be so small. But since I didn't want to waste the paper, I went with this. Not traditional Eastery colors but once I got started, I thought of the perfect guy to give it to. The guys in my life really aren't "in" to cards but I was having fun and its nice to send something every once in awhile that lets them know that you are thinking of them, right? This particular fellow will be home alone for Easter and I don't think anyone else would think to give him one, so I hope he likes it.

Happy Spring

Super simple "Happy Spring" card. Hand cut mushroom popped of the page. Easy! But oh so cute!

Childs Wall Clock

This was my first attempt at an altered clock. It was just sitting around and I wasn't doing anything at the moment, so, whats a girl to do? Yep, had to paste some paper on it. :) There is so much you can do with this. I am excited to do another one when I get a chance to put some thought into it. This clock was kind of plain since I was messing around, but I still like it. And I know just the little girl to give it too. But really? I can't wait to make more. The ideas are just jumping. Can't list them here because my friends might guess or see their gifts, but definately going to do more of these.

Friday, March 26, 2010

The Haul

Okay, time to show you a couple pieces of someone's gift. We are almost to our goal!
Of course, I promised a cuttlebug folder too. And I will show that later. I am off to chucky cheese for some spring break fun with my kiddo. And I am sure that I'll toss in some "extra" STUFF to the deal because thats just the way I am. Hope your having a great day. Now lets hurry up and get to 100. Am I the only one excited?!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wii Dance

I took the night off and went for my walk. Only did two miles but then I decided to play wii dance with my son. Anyone have it? Hilarious! I think my stomach gets the most workout because of all the laughing. "Who let the dogs out" is my sons absolute favorite followed by the "cotton eyed joe" of all things. We had a dance off, and I have to admit he's got some talent in there. And I know it didn't come from me. His dad must be holding out on me.(Insert cheesy grin here.) You know what the worse thing about this dance thing with my kid? When he was done, he layed back on the bed and watched me. Only to say "Come on mom, you can do better than that. You have to put some effort into it." Um, hello little drill sargeant - this was for fun remember? Finally I heard "Yeah thats definately better mom, see your points? You have to really work it." Work it? He's NINE! A shy nine year old that. Work it? Please! He kills me. Anyway, no cards or baskets tonight. I played with my kid instead. Hope you all have a wonderful evening. Oh, and if you haven't been keeping track- we are 18 away from the goal of 100. I was thinking this was going to take months so this is kind of shocking. But fun!

Ouch - Removed

You know what? You ladies are right. I removed the post. All I want on my blog is the luv... LOL! Thanks for setting me straight. Now, off to make more baskets to bore you with. HA!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A "Sassy" Easter Basket

My Favorite Basket So Far

I love this one. Doesn't it just scream sassylady? After I was finished I thought of her and her purses. OH SHEILA!!! This ones for you!

Easter Baskets :)

OH THESE ARE SO FUN! What do you guys think? Cute huh? I think I could make a million of these little buggers.

Additional RAK

Hmmm... To speed this along a bit and because I am super hyper right now, I'll share more top secret info about the RAK. :) I could tell you that it involves a cuttlebug folder and a certain cartridge. But I don't think I'll share which ones yet. HA!

RAK Time!

Okay, I am still on a high from my award. LOL! So I decided to post a RAK. My first ever. It will be a week of firsts! So when I reach 100 followers, Jaryd will draw a name from the basket. All you have to do is follow and spread the RAK word. Easy peasy. What's in it for you? Well, I am not sure yet. This is kind of an impromptu thing. But I know it will have a set of peachykeen stamps for starters!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Links for blogs below don't want to work at the moment and the power keeps shutting off. I will try to fix this tomorrow. Until then, please copy and paste. Thanks!

I Received An Award!

I am so tickled, I could cry! I got a blog award!

I never thought I'd even HAVE a blog. But thanks to Snowmanlover on the mb - I have a place to chat and show what I do that makes my heart smile. And now, the little angel Audrey from has given me an award for a sweet blog. And on my birthday! How awesome is that?! If you haven't checked out her blog, please do so. She has the most amazing projects and is so kind hearted. She leaves me comments on occasion, and let me just tell you, it just warms my heart! I cherish all of the comments. Thank you all so much! Audrey, you really have no idea how much this has made my day. Week. Shoot, I'll go for month! LOL!

Ya'll want me to shut up now and get to the part where I ramble on about myself right? Here we go:

10 things that make me happy are:

1.) My loving husband.

2.) My amazing son.

3.) My parents and grandma who live right next door. It really is a blessing!

4.) Making cards and scrapbooking.

5.) Traveling with my family. I don't care where. Just shove me in and lets go!

6.) The sun. The mild days where its just gorgeous. Not hot, not cold. Perfect!

7.) Listening to music and singing out loud. Sorry folks, but even if I sound terrible, it makes me happy. :)

8.) Exercise. Who'd have thought? Certainly not me. But once I am on task, I feel good so therefore am happy. And I am happy that I "can" exercise, because for a while there, I could not. And if the numbers on the scale go down, then I am a very, very, happy person!

9.) I love to do things for others. Surprises are the best.

10.) Jewelry. Esp. rings. I love, love, love, when my hubby brings home something sparkly. :)

Phew! That was hard. There are so many things that make me happy. But my family, my friends, and God are the most important part of making me happy.

Now, for 5 points of trivia. So I take it this is just about little quirks about me you wouldn't necessarily know huh? Okay, lets see if I can shock you...

1.) I am a huge fan of anything chocolate or cheesecake.

2.) I have (2) 18" herrington rods in my back.

3.) I drive a nash metropolitan in the summer. It's my dream car. :)

4.) I am a twilight fan. Yeah, me... Who'd have thought? Not me! But its still true.

5.) My feet are always cold. Always!

And now for the very best part, I get to name 5 blogs to forward the award too!
Man, I am just getting started on the blog hopping, but what I have found are amazing.

That's it! My moment of glory is over and passed on to others. Happy day everyone!

Quacky Birthday

I just love this stamp! Its from Love them!

Spring Card

Not all spring cards have to be pastels.

Fleur-de-lis #2

Fleur-de-lis #1

Baby Carriage

A friend of mine just found out she's expecting. She has her first appt. tomorrow and I wanted to make sure I had a card ready when we meet up later in the afternoon. I am so excited for her! This is just a super quick card, but it will at least mark the special moment.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cupcake Bday

Last card for today. This is my other nieces birthday card. I hope Kallie will like it. I think she'll like the money inside more, but thats a teenager for you. LOL! Super simple cuttlebug background. Cupcake was from doodlecharms. Sprayed the frosting with smooch when finished -so in person the frosting shimmers. I love it!


This card was made for our friend Brett's birthday. I am a little behind on the card making, so hopefully he'll forgive me. I am starting to love that kind of silhouette look though. I could probably do a million of them, they are so stinkin' cute!

A Tree

I have no idea who this card is for. I guess I just felt like making a tree. :)

Tristan's Bday Card

This card definately has flaws. LOL! He's miss his S... And there is black open spots on his chest. So I went wrong somewhere... Luckily Tristan is only 4 - He'll know what its suppose to be and will love it.

Craftroom From The Outside

Bearylish from the MB asked what the outside looked like. So here it is. Its a seperate building from the house. The space below is my craft room. Above it is my sons fort. Cool huh?

What the heck, here's a few more pics. :)

Friday, March 19, 2010


A birthday card I made for my niece tonight. Abby was cut at 3 3/4". Used Sesame and Friends cart. There was a lot of weeding on this one and small parts. If I'd have realized that, I would have cut her a bit bigger. Hopefully the flaws aren't too noticible. I stickled some of her for fun and used diamond dust on the embossed background for even more sparkle.

More Craft Room Photos

Here is Jaryd's space. He has his own little bug. I got it - I mean SANTA got it for him for xmas. He was so excited. It was only $40 and you just can't beat that! Figured I could take it to crops etc if I wanted to and if he out grew it or if friends came over, I'd have another one for them to play with. I just recently made this little station up for him. He usually does all his projects on the middle wooden table, but I wanted an area that the bug wouldn't get knocked to the ground or have someone trip over the cord. So this little space works great for him. Notice how he had to have his own carts and wanted to store them like I did? Cracks me up!
Disregard his mess, he hasn't unpacked it since our crop at the coast.

This is the sewing area. Its just getting dusty at the moment. I can't seem to stay on one thing. I go in spurts. LOL!

And this is my area. I prefer to stand when I scrap for the most part. I hope to sew some covers for the mismatched bins so they coordinate with the room. But haven't done it yet. I like how its set up. Everything is in front of me or to the side of me. Everything is easy access. I tried to make it so it was available to everyone and just be overall scrap friendly. I have friends who come over to scrap and I like to make it so they are comfortable to just grab whatever and get to scrappin. I find the room very relaxing. Hope you like it. :)

My Craft Room

Okay, this is my little slice of heaven. My husband built this for me about a year and a half ago. It is absolutely perfect for me. Above my space is my son's fort. A balcony with a firemans pole extends out and beyond the craft room so it gives a little covered patio nook outside the door. We have large dogs so I have yet to make that area my own, but someday. Enough of my jibbering, on with the pics!

This is what you see as you walk in the door:

This is from the back left hand corner of the room:

This is where I keep my cartridges and cuttlebug stuff.

This is my 8x10 paper storage. Little bins underneath are for scraps. Love that.:)
Bottom section of cubbies is all my kiddos for his scrap stuff.


It's the Friday before my birthday. So its "play time" and I've been BAD!
Lantz and Jaryd snuck out last night while I was on my walk and came home with
a couple of cartridges. :) SHHHH!!!! I am not suppose to know about it yet. (wink, wink!) Tie The Knot, Ashylyn's Alphabet, & Hello Kitty Font are just waiting to be opened. And I can't wait! Torture I tell you, torture! Okay, I'll be honest... I am TOTALLY cheating. I am playing with them on my gypsy. But don't tell. LOL!

So how have I been bad? Well, I already ordered Straight From The Nest from HSN!
And got Sports Mania super cheap on ebay... So yeah, I am going to be in big trouble here shortly. Lantz won't care. He'll just roll his eyes. But I think I might need help from this obsession. Intervention anyone?

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I am blessed

I have been having a awful week. But I won't whine. You know why? Because I have AMAZING friends. I was lucky enough to meet someone within this last year or so who shares the love of creating. The love of making cards. The love of finding a calorie free or (lower calorie) dessert because she is just like me - a person who wants to indulge in it all and not feel like they're missing out by being "good." Being "good" is just not me. I like the wilder side. But dang, those calories...
Anyways-- Totally random and unexpected, she sends this card just when I need it most. THANK YOU JUDY!!! It made my day. I am so glad you are now in my life. A true blessing!

And I must thank my best friend who I miss terribly. Teri - love ya sweet thing! You know what she did? She sent flowers! How can you continue to have a bad week when you get flowers DELIVERED??? Just not possible. I'd post a pic but they actually haven't started to bloom yet. I will be patient and post when they are all puffed out in their full glory. I can't wait! Thank you T, from the bottom of my heart. You are truly the best friend a girl could have.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Thank you for your friendship

Outside of card:

Inside of card:

I seem to be doing alot of simple friendship cards. It all started with a request. Then it got me to playing... Now, I can't stop! The real kicker is that I don't seem to have the time to be out in the craft room anymore, so doing it in little snippets is killing me! But I am sure the majority of you can relate- so I will stop my whining. :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Twinkling H2O's are the bomb! Can't really see the shimmer on here, but oh so pretty in person. I need to clean this card up a bit obviously. But for a mock up - not too bad. I really like the concept. Hope you do as well.

Messing around in the craft room today. A friend requested a card and gave me a jumping point. Here are a couple I came up with...

Thank You - Butterfly Card

Pull Out Card

I don't think this one scanned very well. But here is a simple pull out card. Butterfly was from Hello Kitty Greetings.

Flower Soft Sheep

Playing around with flower soft last weekend. Here's what I came up with.