Thursday, November 4, 2010


It's here! I finally received my yudu that I got with my reward points. Now watch, they'll put something extra grand on the rewards and I'll have to watch in agony as everyone snaps it up. LOL! --- But I couldn't resist this new toy. Hey, I can't resist any of them really. What can I say? I am caught up in the web of pc! They have my number and its apparently on their direct dial list! I have no problem with that. I'd like to be on their direct 'trial product' list too. But I doubt that will ever happen. Ha Ha!

I haven't had a chance to get this baby out of her box yet, but I will! I just don't have a clue on where I am going to store it. Thats enough to drive me batty let me tell you. I really don't think its something I am going to use a ton of, but something I am glad to fall back on when I need it. And I 'will' have fun with it. What was there to lose? Only had to pay shipping so I am very happy overall. You've probably seen Michelle posting lately in my comments. She's a bestie and one of my favorite playmates. I am sure I can convince her to come over and break it in with me. Its practically an obligation on her part right?

You may have noticed a lack of posting lately. Besides being insanely busy and exhausted (those two seem to go hand in hand with me) my camera chip is being uncooperative with me. I took pics of some cards before mailing them out and some of my sons bday and halloween to share, but for some reason the computer has stopped wanting to recognize the chip. Argh. You all know I am technically challenged. I won't even try to deny it. So you'll just have to miss out on what I've been doing and I'll have to start fresh again. So hopefully by Monday I'll have something new to post. Hope everyone has an amazing day!


  1. Can't wait to see what you make with this. I have been thinking about getting one, but the storage issue is my problem. I have no where to put it, lol.

  2. email me and tell me the truth about the yudu and the I, please. I want an honest opinion. I won't be getting any of them any soon so feel free to really play with them for a while and then let me know.
    Hugs! and congrats on the new toy.

  3. Sign me up! I am ready to come and play! I cannot wait! I need a card making day with YOU!

  4. Can't wait for you to use it! I've had mine for well over a year and it's still in the box. I took one look at it and got so intimidated!!! LOL! I've been waiting on someone to get one, use it, and let me know how they feel about the ease of using it!

  5. How exciting!!!! i can't wait to what you make with the Yudu. I'm a new follower!!!Yay