Sunday, October 24, 2010

Birthday Card For Brother In Law

Well, I actually made two cards for him. But one is an 'adult' version and I just don't think it would be appropriate to post on a blog. LOL! All I can say is that its amazing how versatile George or Plantin can be. :) Who'd have thought it could make a portion of the male anatomy? I sure didn't! But hubby's side comment got me thinking and so I just had to after that! But there was NO WAY on gods green earth I was signing my name on it. Jaryd and I signed the more appropriate and kid friendly card above.

I'll be back to edit this post and let you know what cartridge I used for the biplane. For whatever reason it escapes me at the moment. I do know that I used rockstar dcwv paper. The one with the lion on it. I just used the portion with the blue and swirls. I'll use the lion on something else. Biplane cut at 2.5" with a small hand cut banner towing behind. Sentimental happy birthday stamp. Oh, I also used a small piece of twine for the rope that pulls the banner. Liquid applique for the clouds. I just love that stuff. I sure hope I find it in my stocking this year. (Michelle, this is a very thinly veiled hint!) LOL! In fact, I would really love to find it in a giant tube or something. Its great on a lot of stuff to add dimension. And I thought made the perfect clouds.

Feeling very bummed that I didn't do many halloween crafts this year. Could have been because of the baby shower, but I really think its just because I got so busy. Hopefully I can sit down and get some thanksgiving cards out and then christmas. Its that time already! Sheesh... Okay, I am not going to gripe. I just love this time of year.

And, in case I am not back beforehand, HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone.

Quick card with Imagine

Here is something I made up in just a few minutes using my Cricut Imagine. Kates Kitchen was the cartride I used and the images cut around 3" for the background and about 1.5" for the mitts and apron. I had to pull out my irock for a little bit of bling. It is very simple, but I love it! Had a impromptu coffee date with a bff and wanted something quick to hand her. I didn't have time to bake with only a 20 minute lead time so I grabbed some little debbie muffins and threw them on a plate to go with our coffee. So inside the card I wrote "I appreciate your friendship and you can appreciate the fact that I didn't bake." Or something like that. --- I was trying to make her laugh. Because the last time I was in a hurry with the desserts I accidently grabbed cornstarch instead of the powdered sugar... DOH!!! -- Good thing it was for a topping and we quickly remedied the problem before it was applied. But dang did we have a good laugh. So it was just a happy memory for us.

Love you PMB!

Happy Birthday!

This is a 5" card stamped with a unknown chic and sentiment. (Hey, I didn't know we were suppose to keep track before I threw the wrapping away!) Inside is a chick created with create a critter. Cut the chicky out at 2.5" and added a tiny feather at the top of her head for fun. Before mailing the card, I wrote: "Heard this hot chic was having a birthday!" --- Still waiting to hear if she liked the card or not. She's at the coast with family so this will be a nice surprise for her when she returns.

Have a great day everyone!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Keepsake Box

Uh, yeah. Still baby shower stuff. Sorry! What can I say? I love babies! I had so much fun with doing the shower but I am so glad to get all this stuff gone. My bedroom was the staging area and boy let me tell you, it was starting to get ridiculous!

This keepsake box I found at Joanns for under $4.00 - I think it was a Debbie Mumm box. Anyways, it was plain. So I jazzed it up with Minnie Mouse cut out at 11.5" - And then added Chloe using the Disney Font Cartridge. I thought it was adorable!

P.S. Agnes, this is my LAST baby shower post for a while. I am ready to move on now. LOL!

Card I made for the mom to be.

Are you tired of the baby shower stuff yet? Tough! LOL!

Here is a card I made for the mom. I used the slumber party lite cartridge. I just fell in love with the slippers. Figured she'd be walking the floor alot, so the card just made sense. Accompanied with fuzzy slippers for the mom of course!


Whats a baby shower without the favors? I cut these at 5" using the new arrival cartridge. If you do this, remember to use really sturdy cardstock to support the weight of the favor. Cut coordinating tulle and blinged the stroller wheels and buggy with rhinestones for a bit of shine. Stuffed the carriages with decadent chocolate. They were a huge hit. Everyone loved them. In fact, I think this was the project that convinced several ladies they had to have a cricut too. Do I get a bonus from PC for this? :) I am such an enabler.

Edited to note: Agnes - Bazzill cardstock was used for the "shadow" and then dcwv nursery for the top layers.

Remember this wreath?

Another quick post today. Yep... More baby stuff. But hey, at least I am posting! :)

Well, at the last second I went ahead and hot glued some bath toys on there. They came right off after the shower. And I liked the wreath alot better with something on it. It was just so plain before! I guess if you were really worried about it, you could attach with velcro. But the hot glue worked great for me. The baby 'might' have a dot on glue leftover on some portion on her diaper, but I think most of it peeled right off.

Mailbox Sign

New Arrival was used for the umbrella. Cut at 11.5" I think. Again, I should have wrote this down! Sorry. I ended up laminating these because I had no idea if it was going to rain the day of the shower. So, to be safe, I went ahead and laminated them. We live on a busy street, so looking for house numbers is kind of difficult. I thought that if I had these on both sides of the mailbox posts and had a bunch of balloons, they'd be able to spot it much easier. It was very much appreciated by all. I think my driveway can be a bit intimidating if your not use to it. So this helped a lot.

Take a treat if you dare

The rock princess cartridge, well, ROCKS! Lol!

I think I cut the skeleton at 8" and then sprayed it with glue. Poured on some of that fun Martha Stewart glitter that I've been storing for over a year, and voila! Cute, spooky, and creative.

Jaryd helped with this one. He wanted to do the crossbone part. Had to laugh at him. Well not at him. But you know what I mean. He's kind of getting "too old" to craft with me now since he's almost 10... and a boy to boot. Or thats what he's telling me. So those times that we do are EXTRA special now. But anyways, had to laugh. He had a friend over playing and they somehow morphed into the craft room and took over. Jaryd was so excited to share his baby bug with his friend. I held my breath on that one. You know, I didn't want him teased etc. But the other kid just lit up and screamed "I WANT ONE OF THESE!" They went to town cutting boyish images for a bit. Then bam! Back outside to run around. I am not sure why, but I just chuckled. Because the mom had to call me not 10 minutes after I sent the kid home to ask me why a bug costs a $100 and if its something that is legally imported. HA HA HA!!!

Gift Bags

These bags were inspired by Cindylooscrappinwho @ Hers were much better. But hey, at least I got these done! Just made a few little tags with some images from the Dreams Come True Disney cartridge. Inside the bags were candles, bath soaps, Eco friendly coffee cups with cocoa and marshmellows. They were very well received. I want to thank Cindy for inspiring me and making me turn ol' boring bags into cute take home gifts. THANK YOU CINDY!!!

Dreams DO come true...

Little Ms. Cinderelly was cut at 11.5". The banner at 8". Lettering I believe was 2" but don't quote me. I did this poster a few weeks ago.

If your following the blog then you know that I was getting ready for a baby shower. Yes, it was forever ago that I mentioned that. But I finally got to host is today. And boy am I pooped!

Everyone got along really well and stayed late. So thats a sign of a good party. In fact, one of the ladies came back so I could meet the rest of her family. So I served them the rest of the cake. You have to love that!

The mom to be was thrilled. So my job is complete. The only thing that did not go well was the cake. I was super pissed about that one. I soooo wanted everything to be perfect. And I think that was the only flaw. And its minor. I'll survive. But really people, can you at least agree with me that these people are morons? I asked for a baby shower cake in PINK and white. It was suppose to say WELCOME CHLOE. What do I get? A BLUE cake that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Talk about people not paying attention? So I dealt with the blue (which did not go with a single thing)but they rewrote Welcome Chloe on it. After seeing it, I wished I'd have left the Happy Birthday in tact. There were huge scrape marks across the cake. It was embarrasing. Oh well. We got through it. And on the upside, it tasted good. :)

So thats it. Hopefully I am back to posting soon. Tomorrow I was suppose to go to the pumpkin patch but it looks like I have to string an electric fence up instead. Huge bummer. Its just going to be one of those kind of weekends I think. Thats what I get for overscheduling. I didn't allow for mishaps. DOH!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Friend Card & 2 Halloween Cards

This turned out to be a rather large card. But I just love it. I used the imagine for the background. There was no cart in it. These are just standard images that are already in the machine and Lifes A Beach cartridge. I was having a blast with all the layers and even broke out the irock to snaz it up a bit.

As for the halloween cards I used the Imagine and the Imagine More Cartridge. Cards are 4.5" Debbie Mumm paper and Studio G stamps. Easy and fun!

Little Stinker

Yes folks, I was at it again. The imagine is so much fun. Yes I realize I could have done this with a regular printer and transfer paper, but this just makes it so easy!

Did you notice my screw up? Of course you did! I thought I was so smart and it was so cute, but had a "DUH" moment and forgot to flip the phrase "little stinker" across the butt. I am such a dork. Good thing I was only practising on onesies I got at the dollar tree! For the real deal, I'll get nice grade onesies and I'll FLIP the word this time.

I am only showing you this error so it will be ingrained in your memory of what NOT to do. So there you go. I made the mistake for all of us. I am such a good friend. :)
Funny thing is, I was flipping all the images. That was the one thing that NEEDED to be flipped and was forgotten. Had I not flipped the picture, it wouldn't have been a big deal. The animal would just be turned a different way and no one would be the wiser, but when you are an idiot and forget to flip the words, well, everyone's gonna pick up on it. But hey, bet I don't do it again. (Okay, your right. I probably will. I can be a slow learner.) HA!

Other than that blunder I thought it turned out really well. In fact, I used the term adorable and hubby rolled his eyes. He just doesn't get all enthused like I do.
Thats why I started a blog. So I'd have someone to share this stuff with. Thanks for being there!

Oh, and if you'd like to try this, I'd recommend getting the transfer paper at Joann's. You can use coupons and it makes it really affordable. And if you plan ahead and print multiple projects at once, it doesn't waste very much paper.

I plan to do a bunch of these images on the corners of some fabric diapers so the mom can use them for burp clothes. They are more absorbant than alot of burp clothes out there and this will dress them up a bit. And yes, I will post pics!

AND to show you I am not a complete screw up, heres another cheapo onesie that I did for practice. Cute huh?

My 2nd Imagine Card

Don't worry, I'll stop counting and announcing what number card it is shortly. But for the purpose of comparing my first few cards, I'll shout it out to you. :)

This was done using La Creme paper and the Imagine More cartridge. All I can say is layers, layers, layers. I just could not help myself. Probably should not have taken the picture on top of the comforter of my bed because it takes away from the color combination used. Sorry bout' that! Didn't even occur to me. Its all blacks and creams and in person, I think very pretty! (I'll re-shoot these or scan them in later today and repost.)For now, just click on the pic and it will give you a close up and a better idea on the colors used. Dang, I am such a dork.

I had to add a little bling. So I got out my new Irock tool and blinged it up with green stones. Here is a tip for you: You do NOT need to touch the end of the irock to see if its ready yet. Talk about me being a moron. Can we say OUCH? Yes folks the end really does get hot. Surprisingly so for something that runs on two small batteries. - That aside, I have to admit I love that thing. I should probably lay off the espresso before trying to set the tiny gems though. Should have seen me, looked like an addict that hadn't had something for days. Pretty funny! Or it was to me anyways. I am easily amused.

Okay. Shutting up now. Have a fun day and get to crafting!

First Card With Imagine

This is my first attempt to make a card with my Imagine. I used Nursery Tails for the cartridge. The border takes some getting use to. I obviously didn't like it and tried to ink the edges. Was not thrilled with the result of that. But did learn a bit more about the machine while screwing around with it. So all was not lost.

Its a huge game of trial and error for me. But I think its "passable" so I'll throw it in the bin. Not my best work. But its not the worst thing ever either. (What am I saying? I didn't even do anything. Pasted it to cardstock and inked it. Oy. Talk about having no skills.) The saying "its so easy even a caveman can do it." Just popped into my head.

I think I just went print happy for a bit. Forgetting it had just a cut mode or that I "had" printed paper 3' behind me. So... I'll have to curb the "print everything" mode I got myself into. OR I need to buy stock in HP. My choice I guess.

Just plain cardstock of solid colors for the rest of the card. A martha steward punch was used on the two corners. Thats it.

If you have any tips on the imagine I'd love to hear them as you discover new things.

I am excited for the possibilities of this machine. I don't think its quite "there" yet, but when it is, WOW. Its gonna be amazing. My largest gripe at the top of my brain (other than the worlds crappiest non sticking matt) is that I'd love to be able to "grab" my images and place them anywhere on the mat for printing and cutting. I detest the fact that its not an option right now. PLEASE let that be one of the first upgrades. Oh, and get it GYPSY compatible.

So those are my thoughts and my first card. I can honestly say that I like my second card better. I'd post it now, but then I would have anything to post tomorrow. LOL!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Scene One - Take Two- And...


Thats right ladies and gentleman... The IMAGINE is UP AND RUNNING!!!

I didn't want to blog about it yesterday because I didn't want to JINX anything prematurely. I had called PC yesterday to verify that they had indeed shipped the right part of the cord to me and to see where the blasted thing was at. After 15 minutes on hold, a lovely lady named Kristi informed me that she's very sorry, but my cord had NOT shipped and didn't have any clue when it would be. I just sat there. Then I said "Are you TRYING to make me cry?" To which she responded "Well, I have one here at the office. Do you want it?" UH YES!!! She said she'd fed ex it to me and I'd have it today. Isn't that amazing? I didn't want to count on it or get my hopes up too high again, but the inevitable happened. They were up and they were high.

I came dashing home after running errands at break neck speed to discover the table empty. I set my stuff down and TRIED not to be upset. Then I noticed my hubs smirk.
I have a loving husband, but he can also be a turd. He had hid it from me! I swear, I almost clobbered the man when I saw him move the chair and pull it out. He's lucky I still have that blasted cold or I think I would have. Needless to say, I could not get dinner cooked fast enough. :)

Everything is calibrated and a few cuts have even been completed. But I had to drag myself back in to make sure the kiddos night routine gets completed and to work on homework. I have a few issues with it. But I think with time I will get adjusted to it. I need to watch some videos and see if there are any helpful tips. Some playing is needed. Darn... But I guess a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. :) Have a good night.

Skeletons in the closet. :)

Isn't this cute? Armoire cut from French Manor. Skeleton from Happy Hauntings. Hangers are from EDPD and the dresses are from Forever Young.

Closet rod was a lollipop stick painted and cut down to size.

Hope you like it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Winner of Cuttlebug Folders

True Random Number Generator

Min: 1
Max: 23
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Which is: September 29, 2010 2:55 PM
Carrie said...
Great candy! Thank you for the chance to win! :-)

So YEAH Carrie! You are the winner of the cuttlebug drawing. Please email me at with your addy and I'll get it right out to you.

Thank you to everyone who played along. I look forward to doing another one in the close future. Hope everyone had an exciting weekend. :)