Saturday, February 27, 2010


Just received the Superman cart in the mail today. It's for me right? HA! Didn't think I could get away with that one. Jaryd ran to the craft room to try it out right away. He did eventually let me load it to my Gypsey. (Just in case we were out and he wanted to design. Who's G is this anyways?) Gotta love a kid that shares though. He is a total crack up. He has to have a file box started for all of his carts just like me. Yikes! I think I created a monster. He already has 3 since Christmas. I know I will breakdown and get him the batman one if I can snag it at a good price. Wishing Provo would come up with other boy/man related carts. Love the ones the have but I'd be happy if they switched gears for awhile. We have a lot of whimsy going right now, which is great. But I'd love to have more to work with for the "guy" pages.

Oh, and um, I got Destinations in the mail too. Did I just admit that? SHHHH!!! You just have to love ebay. It was not a cart that I was going to get. But someone wasn't paying attention and I got it for $17.00 - you can't pass it up when it bites you like that. See, I just knew you'd understand. :)

Tomorrow is playtime!

Liquid Filled Card

Oh, this was fun! Got the idea from Split Coast Stampers --- Didn't have any baby oil so I substituted the ever present hand sanitizer... :) Hey, it worked! Super easy to make and so many possibilities. I raided Jaryd's sticker collection for the frog. Shhhh!!!

Easter Egg Card

Super simple Easter Egg card. Don't you just love the Gypsy Wanderings bunny?

pinwheel card

Just took a few moments this afternoon practicing the pinwheel. Not super thrilled with the vase part but thats what I get for trying to hurry it. Love the pinwheel part though.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Long Day

Phew! What a long day. Hair cut and colored. (Sorry Suzanne, I went through with it!) I like the color. Still deciding on the cut. My question is this... Why do kids get up even EARLIER on no school days? Is this a secret form of torture that they learn?

After goofing around posting some cards, I checked out some amazing blogs. I think I am really going to love blog hopping. Such wonderful talent out there.

Spent time in the craft room with my son this afternoon. I made him his very own cricut space. He's absolutely thrilled. Yep, a boy with a bug. :) I'll encourage him to craft for as long as he'll let me. What wonderful (and quality) time being spent with him. Dad can have the rough housing - I'll take the paper crafting any day!

I am sure I will have more pics to post tomorrow. I worked on a three cards for an upcoming weekend retreat. So I'll have to post those soon. Hope everyone is having a great Friday!



Cricut cut flowers with liquid glass on top. Love that look!

Here is one of the clock cards I have done. I will try to post all three. I am suppose to be getting my hair cut and highlighted today. So it may take me a bit to get my cards uploaded. But thank you all for stopping by and checking it out as well as following me. I will do the the same for you. :) I look forward to all the blog hopping. Its fun!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Old Cards

I am away from access to my "current" selection of cards, but I thought I'd post some older ones just so there'd be something to look at if anyone decided to stop by. I promise to get more current stuff on here tomorrow. :)

Sponge Bob Card

This is a spongebob cartridge that I made for my friends sons 8th birthday. It was before the Cricut Cartridge came out. So this was just a bunch of free hand cuts. Not perfect, but pretty nice attempt for me. Just wish I would have put the "break" in his shirt/shorts. Oops! Oh well. The kid didn't notice and I am still happy with how it turned out. This is just a practice post of an old card to see how it posts in the blog. Please excuse... :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Miracles will never cease. I have a blog! LOL! The challenge will be finding something interesting enough to report. Please excuse the madness over the next few days while I get this up and running. :)