Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Oregon Hat

Been a very long time since I posted. I am sure my craft room has spider webs. UGH! But I will share my hat I made with my Knifty Knitter from Provo Craft. I made it with White, Green, and Yellow yarn for an OREGON DUCKS fan. It was my first time adding anykind of monogram to it. So I am sure my skills at that will get better with time. Hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beware of the one eyed boobie snatcher!

Hi everyone. Its been so long since I posted anything and I apologize. A few of of you knew that my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. We were devestated. she first had a lumpectomy but unfortunately she had to go right back in for a masectomy. When mom and I are scared or nervous we crack jokes. So I couldnt help it. I had to make this card. Its been awhile so I am guessing on the details. But I do believe I used Mini Monsters on this.  Take care everyone!

Monday, July 30, 2012

I Believe In The Craft

 Yep. I admit it. I believe in the craft! Whether it be with a bug, an imagine, my G, the knitter, the cuttle, or simply paints or drawing with a pencil or some crayons.... I believe in crafting so much that I made a big ol' sign for my craft room stating as such. :)

I had so much fun with this. I used my Everyday Cricut Cartridge and my Locker Talk Cartridge to cut out some really adorable images. Layering til my fingers bled. Okay. They didn't bleed. But you get the point. LOL!

Tell me what you think! Do you love it?

Friday, July 27, 2012


Hello everyone! I finally got an opportunity, or should I say carved out a few minutes, in the craftroom. My dear friend Donnas birthday is today and I needed to get a card made for her. I grabbed the Simply Charmed cartridge for it and was very happy with the results. Images cut at 3.75" and placed on a 5" card. Very simplistic but oh so adorable. I can't wait til' we look like this dancing in vegas. LOL! I don't think I've played with this cartridge yet and I have no idea why. The images are darling! So you might be seeing alot of this cartridge over the next month as I explore it. I think since I started or shall I say ended the PDDU series, I have taken a hard look at my unused cartridges. I think I have a passion for buying but not truly exploring or appreciating them. So I need to take the time to play with what I have. It will save me money to do so, but more than that, it would be good if I knew what I actually HAD! :(

Hope everyone has an outstanding weekend. xo K

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Done. Finished. Final PDDU series.

Yes my friends. You read that right. We've reached the last episode of the series. We all agreed to start and end with a tag - using the border from the last page and any other image in the book that we desired. Mine was very simple and made with little scraps of paper from the scrap bin. Very easy and a nice way to end the series. Please check out the other ladies this afternoon and give them kudos for the wonderful work they've done thru series and please keep them on your list to draw inspiration from in the future. They are all amazing and talented women. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with them.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This week I decided to make a little plaque to put in my neices bedroom. She's a lil' angel herself. :)
Cuts came from page 75. Cut at 3.75" all from misc. paper scraps. Hope you like it. Now go and visit my wonderful teammates who continually inspire me and who are remarkable women that I have the honor of getting to know better and better each week. Feeling blessed!

Edited to note: PK Face Stamp. Thanks Ag!


Tuesday, July 3, 2012


HAPPY 4th to you all. Hope everyone has a fantastic Independence Day. Thank you to all the women and men out there, past and present, that fight for our freedom everyday! You are all hero's in my book.

We had to do something with red, white, and blue. And I got the balerina. LOVE her. She's so adorable!

Page 71 brings you these delightful options and images.
7.02 x 4.41 Dance cut twice
1.58 x 4.06 Tiara cut twice
2.91 x 4.06 person
2.26 x 4.06 slippers
1.98 x 4.06 skirt cut twice
1.87 x 4.06 bow cut twice
 2.06 x 4.06 leotard
2.10 x 4.06 hair
11.68 x 10.18 and 10.73 x 9.35 I borrowed image from lacy labels
DCWV Fun In The Sun Summer Pack for main background paper
I added a bit of white and red tulle for fun under the tutu
Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day!
Please check out the other wonderful ladies and leave them some comments, will you?

Sunday, July 1, 2012


YEEEE HAAAAH! Greetings ladies and gentlemen... This is what I came up with for page 67 of the Paper Doll Dress Up challenge. The wonderful ladies I am working with are so forgiving. I was out in the wilderness on vacation and didn't have cel service to upload my project. Talk about the wild west. I went to Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Virginia and Nevada City, Ennis, Jackson, and Idaho. Sorry, can't say much for Idaho. Loved the rest though! Idaho will always have a close place in my heart for their onions and potatoes... But I couldn't find a thing to do there! To be fair, I didn't google or map out anything ahead of time. So maybe there is and I just didn't see it. We were true "explorers" and totally "winged" the entire trip. Talk about stressing me out. I am a planner. So this was a good challenge for me. Anyhoo... Enough about me. Here are the deets on the project.

Now turn to page 67 in your booklet... LOL! Aren't the images fantastic? So much you can do with them! The background paper was from DCWV Rustic Pack. Yes. DCWV. Its not that I don't buy other brands of paper but I live right down the road from a JoAnns and always pick up their packs at great prices... LOL! The face is the Peachy Keen face stamp I've used previously. I only have a couple but they are so great. I got a smudge on her face with the ink. Note to self, stamp the face FIRST before you dress the doll. Otherwise your screwed... LOL! I covered it up with some indian feather stickers. But don't tell anyone k? :)

Here are the sizes my Gypsy listed:
11.53 x 7 and 10.56 x 6.41 scallopy background, lacy labels.
Girl cut at 2.57 x 3.59
Vest 1.19 x 3.59
Hat 2.76 x 3.59
2.33 x 3.59 Hair
1.95 x 3.59 shirt
1.75 x 3.59 skirt
1.71 x 2.65 skull
 rope 2.93 x 3.35
 horse1.83 x 4.29
6.59 x 2.41 mountains
1.66 x 5.00 horse collar

Now, for the REAL talent, go to the other ladies blogs and give them some bloggy love! For Sheena For Agnes For Dawn

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I think I am on page 63 this week. LOL! Or at least I hope I am!

The cardstock I used was a really really dcwv stack for fall paper. Everything was cut on my Gypsy. So those are the sizes I will be referring to.  Little Pilgrim woman was cut at 3.16 x 4.41 Cornacopia at 2.45x3.35 Fruit at 3.05 x 3.35 (I just cut them on white paper and colored them with pens!)  Turkey was 2.10 x 3.35 and I painted the platter with silver paint. Pie was 1.45 x 3.35 More silver paint for the pan and a few dots of red at the top of the pie because thats the yummy goodness peaking out. Table was from Camp out 6.75 x 4.06 Background pieces are off just because cards 2.87 x 4.06 and 3.20 x 4.53  Leaves were from Doodlecharm and the Title was Doodle Type at 1.25"

The other ladies are still going strong and blowing us all away with the following projects:

Sheena @

Agnes @

Dawn @


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PDDU 8 Challenge (I guess?) LOL!

Hey all, its time to confuse the heck out of you. You know how we've been plugging away with the PDDU challenge? You know how all the ladies were turning in fantastic and inspiring projects? Well, leave it to me to screw it up! Ugh. I have no idea how it happened. Well I do. But... Anyways... I am back tracking back to PDDU 6 because apparently I missed one. I was using my Gypsy and the two "witches" or "sorcery" type ladies looked the same to me so I thought I'd done it. Go ahead. Look at page 51 and 55 and agree that they are alot alike. Not the extras. But the girls. LOL! So when working on a Gypsy and seeing those teeny icons I didn't catch it. I just thought. Oh, did the girl now I am on to magic man. My bad! Its all my fault. I should have been referring to the book. I just got so excited to have my Gypsy girl back, I jumped a little ahead! :) So please, forgive me while I jump back to catch up. Told you I was going to confuse you! SO here it is. Using accessorie 2 instead of the girl, I made a crystal ball type thing for a zoo invitation. Cut out at 3.5". it was super easy. I just plunked it on some DCWV paper and added stickers to complete. Easy peasy. A little too easy. But if you knew the kind of week I've had, you'd forgive me. I won't bother you with the details. Just know that I am a goon and carry on.

OH!!!! And check on the other ladies to see their scrumptious projects!




Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Welcome to the magic show layout. It was super fun to create. I even got to use up some old stickers from stickabilities for the tickets etc. I didn't want the magician to wear his hat because I wanted that to set on the table so I used a tiny bit of liquid glass to give his chrome dome some shine. LOL! (Hey, I thought it was funny!) I used my Gypsy to create this layout. Finally got it back and running. Thank you God! I missed it. Not sure how to give you the sizes. the magician says he's 2.82 x 3.94. All the magical elements are from the paper doll dress up cartridge of course. But the table I snagged from the sweet hearts cart and was cut at 2.48x 2.76 . Balloons from lyrical letters. The sandwich for pictures or commentary are from lacy labels. I really hope you enjoy the layout. It was super fun to make. And hopefully you are seeing just how versatile this cartridge is! I should point out that the title "magic show" is a combobulation of fonts that I came across at a sale for $5.00. You know those clear containers with particians for holding floss or fishing stuff? Well, I got TWO of those containers filled with letters of all sorts for $5.00 total. It was a steal! I love it!!! Now, go check the other wonderful ladies I work with and give them some love!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Best Wishes - Bridal Shower

I made it out to the craft room to create this beautiful gown. I even snabbed my cuttlebug and textured it. I used a satin white paper for the the "under" part of the gown and it gives a soft shimmer. Love this one. Just simple and classy I think. Hope everyone is having a great day. God Bless!

Versatile Blogger

Awe... Sandy loves me! What a great feeling to know that people you have never met, can become "friends" over blogs and commentary. We become intwined into each others lives and I am thankful to have met her. I enjoy her blog so much and get such inspiration from her. Not only in her crafting, but how she handles lifes challenges. A true inspiration! You can find her blog here:

The rules for this award are: (1) link back to the person who gave it to you. :)
Select 16 blogs or bloggers you recently discovered or follow regularly.
Nominate them and link their blogs so others may discover their talent.
And finally tell seven things about yourself.

I don't think I have 16 blogs that I comment on a daily basis and haven't discovered too many new ones because I haven't been around a whole lot lately. Life is swamping me! So I will forward these to the design team members I am currently working with. Sandy said I didn't have to do 16... Phew! Thank you Sandy!!!

Now for seven things about moi, me, myself, and I...
1.) I love being a mom.
2.) My favorite pie is french silk.
3.) I believe in celebrating my birthday all week, not just a day!
4.) I am going to Yellowstone this summer.
5.) A trip to Vegas is in my future too.
6.) I stopped buying cricut cartridges for awhile (gasp!)
7.) My scraproom is my favorite room to hang out in. So relaxing!

Thanks again Sandy! Your a doll. :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Turn to page 51 and you will see the images I had to work with. Fun huh? I made this tag while I was camping! Added the peachy keen face stamp when I got home. I thought she turned out pretty cute. Makes me excited for halloween! I didn't take any stamps with me in the rv so I just hand wrote "Happy Halloween" - I will try not to wince at my hand writing. But I like the stamped or computer generated look when it comes to my projects. I have horrible hand writing! LOL! But oh well. It is what it is. I want to find a little green frog brad and add it to her scarf around her neck. But I temporarily misplaced them. Boo!

Hope you like what I came up with. Now check out the other ladies amazing creations!