Friday, December 3, 2010

Oregon Ducks vs. Oregon Beavers

AUGH! Whats a girl to do? I like to support both teams. But this is war.


Have to go with the ducks on this one. They have a chance for the bigger bowl games and have worked so hard to get there this year. Hey, they even kept the penalties to a minimum I think. We should reward them for their good behavior right? LOL!

Lets hope they keep the 'civil' in the war. And please, for goodness sake, lets not hit the spectators. I am expecting huge penalties on both sides because, well, thats what they do. But I also expect a good game. Best of luck to both of them but I really hope the ducks come out on top this year!

Oh, and my apoligies to you. This has squat to do with crafting. HOWEVER, you can bet your last dollar I'll have the Gypsy in my hand and be desiging between penalty calls, commercials, and half time. So there you go... I mentioned crafting. Ha ha!