Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Cartridges Under The Tree Waiting For ME!

Yep. I didn't even bother to wrap them. The drool just ruins the pretty wrapping anyways. LOL! --- Scored Picuresque at JoAnn's over Black Friday. I was very happy to see this one out in circulation finally. Paper Lace was purchased on a hot buy thing for BF too. Four legged, well, that one found me at walmart and I don't know what happened. It must have just jumped into the cart. I mean, if it wanted to go home with me that badly, I should let it right?

Thats my story and I am sticking to it!

Actually, I have not bothered to wrap them because I am unsure if they will go back. I am still trying to convince myself that I can live without them. So I am currently playing with them on the gypsy and see whats what. Another reason to LOVE the G. :)


  1. I have three carts here to go under the tree : Nifty Fifties, Birthday Bash and Twinkle Toes. They were sitting out and my husband took them and put them away, because he thought I was going to go ahead and open them, lol.

  2. *Gasp* Go back??? Come on, Bust them open!
    Is it bad that opened mine, took out the cartridge and then wrapped it??

  3. Love your story and congrats on the carts.
    I think I need to go shopping with you, carts never seem to jump in my shopping cart(could be because hubby is with me) lol

  4. Just keep them! You will end up getting them one day even if you take them back, so keep them now and make all the more beautiful cards and things!