Sunday, November 21, 2010

A layout

First of all, welcome new followers! I am so excited to see new faces and get all those wonderful comments! Makes my heart smile. Its true, it does! Thank you ALL for taking the time to come here. I want to issue a special thank you to Agnes aka Flowerdisco and Just Yolie for helping me get a few of those fab new followers. I can't rave about you ladies enough. And if you haven't heard about these ladies (but I bet you have! - please go check them out!) I have been a tad preoccupied as of late, so I haven't hopped to as many blogs as I had hoped. But I will! Be patient! I love to see all of you and what wonderful creations you come up with. Your all so inspiring! Believe it or not, I anticipate it finally slowing down a bit, so expect a visit!

I had an emergency today. I ran out of adhesive!!! Can you believe that? I used up every single bit of adhesive I had except one glue stick. And I hate glue sticks. So it might not be proper, but I used my glue gun on all my layouts I created today. Ooops. My bad! Need to get some adhesive ASAP!

Here is the layout I was yabbering about. Nothing too fancy. But I had some 5.25" trees laying on my counter from a trial that I did for an order. I hate to waste... So I embossed them and then inked them. Originally they were green trees, but I added bronze, silver, and gold over the top. It gave it a gorgeous patina. The picture doesn't do it justice. Its really lovely in person.

The background is simple. But see the circle? Its a perfect circle. Made with the MARTHA STEWART circle cutter. Yep, I have an Expression that can't cut a circle, its forever wonky. Okay, it USE to cut a circle. But since I used my deep cutting blade on it, I haven't seen a nice circle since. SOOOOO what am I babbling about? Go get a MS circle cutter if you don't have one. I love it! Quick and easy. Adjusts to the perfect size every time. Did I mention that I love it? LOL!

What else, what else? Seems like there is more to share with you. But hey, I lost my brain and I can't find it. So thats all your getting tonight. :) More layouts for the next few days. I was on a roll. But then I had to stop because for some reason my guys wanted dinner and for me to pay attention to them. Whats up with that?!


  1. I know what you mean about the circle on the expression. I'm actually on my second MS circle cutter (I'm hard on tools!).

  2. Great layout, I love the trees.

  3. You are very welcome girl! :) Love reading your post today...the trees came out gorgeous. I haven't tried cutting a circle on the Expression, I think now may have to. I use Creative Memories cirlces templates, I have a small set and the jumbo one.

  4. Lovely layout. I have never been too good at scrapbooking. Thanks for visting my blog. I am working on some more cards right now and will hopefully have them posted soon. Hugs!

  5. I love, love, love those trees! The whole layout is awesome...but those trees are to die for!

  6. i can see the beauty of the tree from here. great job!

    and thanks for the love and for whatever you think i did, lol.

  7. oh! and did i hear GLUE GUN????????????????

    faithful glue gun, huh? ;)

  8. You are really terrific at LOs, I tell ya. Love love love the trees!