Monday, September 20, 2010

Trying hard not to whine...

But WHY isn't it HERE yet?

If you've just tuned into this blog, no I am not usually a wiener. I mean, whiner! And I am talking about the Imagine. That beautiful, 40 pound, behemoth of a printing/cutting machine. It is due to arrive on my doorstep technically on the 24th. So really, I have absolutely NO REASON to be such a turd. But I am. I wanna play. It seems like everyone is getting theirs or has already received them.

I think I am driving my mom insane. She lives next door, so I have her on the lookout for the UPS man. I even went as far as to give her strict instructions to call the moment it arrives. But does she call? NO! So I do call her? Um, yeah. Guilty! I swear, she didn't answer the phone last time and I nearly went insane. Okay, so its not that bad. But its close!

And here is something for you. I am suppose to have surgery Friday. (Not life threatening or anything) but its a 3 day recovery. Do I plan to take three days and lay flat on my back when there is the IMAGINE 50 steps away? Uh no!!! Not my plan at all. I am praying that I'll be up and at the very least be able to sit close to it and push the paper in and hit some buttons. If all else fails, I guess I can just drool over the new cartridges that are suppose to come with it. But see, I just really NEED it to get here so I can play with it BEFORE friday. Yep, I am pathetic!


  1. hehe...hope your surgery goes well and the playing too. let me know if you need another drooler...hehehe

  2. I totally understand. I would be doing the same thing... Seems totally acceptable.

  3. You are so funny! I hope you get Imagine before you have to go in for your surgery, and I'm glad it's nothing earth-shattering!!! But, regardless, take care of yourself after your surgery anyway; I'll be checking in on you!