Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Three posts in one day? I KNOW!!!

I have the answer to the time question. Are you ready? You have to steal it! LOL! Maybe even fib a bit. Ha Ha! You know, say your going to the restroom but secretly sneak in 2 minutes locked in your bedroom pasting away like mad.

Okay, so I didn't come up with some ingenius solution. What can I say? I suck. :)

I just wanted to post this card really quickly. It will be my last blog post til' Monday when I do the drawing. I must take care of grams for the remainder of the week so NO CRAFTING from me. But I won't forget to come back and yell the winner. So check back!

Here is my card:

Happy Hauntings all the way on this one. I am hoping to explore this cartridge a lot more in the next few weeks. Peachy Keen for the face. (I just love PK!!!) This is for my dear friend Andrea. We never seem to connect with our schedules and I miss her. (AS I DO ALL MY FRIENDS!) So I am suggesting to meet for a drink. Whether it be a cocktail or a coffee. I don't care what, I just want to sit for an hour and catch up on her life. I think she'll get a huge kick out of it. Or at least I hope she will.

So thats it. I am outta here for the week.(I will be sneaking around posting blog love when I can.) HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK!


  1. This is sooo cute...I mean spooky! Love it.

  2. Love it!! Happy Hauntings is definitely on my list--LOL!

  3. She is cute! Great way to use that cart


  4. how nice of a card...loving it :) Have a good time.

  5. Love the card! The face is perfect.

  6. I love it! I want that cartridge pretty bad, it has so much fun stuff on it. I love the way you framed your image :)