Monday, September 20, 2010

Grandparents Day Card

Well, here is the card Jaryd and I put together on Grandparents Day. I forgot to post it. We were in quite the hurry that morning. So the edges did not get inked. And the saying on the inside is incorrect. It was suppose to read "You don't need a bunch of eyes to SEE that your the best grandparents." Oy! What was I doing? Oh well. They didn't notice and neither did I until after I'd already given it. Thats what you get for being in a hurry. Totally my fault. But I like the card overall. Think he's a cutie pootie! Found him on the Boys will be boys cartridge. Cut him out at 4.25". Used random scraps of paper that Jaryd picked out. J did the gluing. So joint effort on our part. Enjoy!

PS... Can't help but realize I am one away from 150 followers. How did that happen? Now I know some people have several hundred... But shoot, I was happy to just have 2!!! Each one of you taking the time to follow me means a ton. I can't even properly word how it makes me feel. Thank you all for doing it and for all your wonderful comments. I think that when I get that magic number I shall have another drawing. Now to decide a prize. Would you like a cart drawing? Stamps? Inks? Let me go see what I can come up with. Have a great day!


  1. Tooo Cute and BTW you are at 150 followers.


  2. That is what makes them homemade! The mistake just makes it priceless!

  3. What a sweet sweet card! I love it!

  4. My friend, that cute is cute even if you don't think so!!!