Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teapot Favors

I had an order for 90 of these. So thats 180 images to cut out for the teapots. I used the Savory cartridge (LOVE THIS CART!)and cut it at 3.5". Most of it was cut using Colorbok paper that Marilyn brought with her. The boxes were cut at 6.25" using TBBM cartridge and white or beige cardstock. I only cut the images for her and gave her the idea. I let her put together the boxes and embellish them. I wish I could have done them all for her, but I am really under the gun on my time schedule right now. Besides that, she is a hands-on person and wanted to help. It was for her party afterall. :)

You know what came out of it all? I turned her into a paper crafter!!! Don't you just love that? She normally works with beads, but she found this so fun and relaxing that I do believe I have another scrappin' buddy. :) She embellished them with leftover buttons and flowers. I showed her all about the wonders of stickles - she is good to go! But I just had to show off the one I made up for her to get her started... I think its so cute. It will make an extraordinary tablescape for her giant tea party. Which she invited me to. I can't wait!


  1. This is so cute! I love your creation!

  2. hello lady....the teapot is very pretty. One of my neighbors throw tea parties. This is a great idea for her.

    I will contact you my dear when I do the next series. First one, my word.

    Hugs to you and happy to see you busy. lol

  3. Very cute! You have been busy.

  4. Wow, you have been busy! But the box are just adorable!

  5. Too Cute!!! I love the colors you used. Thank you for sharing.

    Looking forward to more.