Saturday, October 16, 2010

Take a treat if you dare

The rock princess cartridge, well, ROCKS! Lol!

I think I cut the skeleton at 8" and then sprayed it with glue. Poured on some of that fun Martha Stewart glitter that I've been storing for over a year, and voila! Cute, spooky, and creative.

Jaryd helped with this one. He wanted to do the crossbone part. Had to laugh at him. Well not at him. But you know what I mean. He's kind of getting "too old" to craft with me now since he's almost 10... and a boy to boot. Or thats what he's telling me. So those times that we do are EXTRA special now. But anyways, had to laugh. He had a friend over playing and they somehow morphed into the craft room and took over. Jaryd was so excited to share his baby bug with his friend. I held my breath on that one. You know, I didn't want him teased etc. But the other kid just lit up and screamed "I WANT ONE OF THESE!" They went to town cutting boyish images for a bit. Then bam! Back outside to run around. I am not sure why, but I just chuckled. Because the mom had to call me not 10 minutes after I sent the kid home to ask me why a bug costs a $100 and if its something that is legally imported. HA HA HA!!!


  1. you are too funny my friend!

    Did I tell you my son is almost 18? That means very-very independent. I hardly get to hug him or kiss him anymore :(

    Is your friend buying the IMPORTED BUG? LMBO. That was even a better one. ;)

  2. Your card is so cute, but I'd almost come here just for your story telling and your humor!!!

  3. thats just to cute for words!! I love the mom asking if your "bug" was legal or not hmmmm I have always said my cricut was more fun than it should be LOL

  4. The bug is I am sure that there is something illegal about it! I think that I need a glitter skull and crossbones too!