Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dreams DO come true...

Little Ms. Cinderelly was cut at 11.5". The banner at 8". Lettering I believe was 2" but don't quote me. I did this poster a few weeks ago.

If your following the blog then you know that I was getting ready for a baby shower. Yes, it was forever ago that I mentioned that. But I finally got to host is today. And boy am I pooped!

Everyone got along really well and stayed late. So thats a sign of a good party. In fact, one of the ladies came back so I could meet the rest of her family. So I served them the rest of the cake. You have to love that!

The mom to be was thrilled. So my job is complete. The only thing that did not go well was the cake. I was super pissed about that one. I soooo wanted everything to be perfect. And I think that was the only flaw. And its minor. I'll survive. But really people, can you at least agree with me that these people are morons? I asked for a baby shower cake in PINK and white. It was suppose to say WELCOME CHLOE. What do I get? A BLUE cake that says HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Talk about people not paying attention? So I dealt with the blue (which did not go with a single thing)but they rewrote Welcome Chloe on it. After seeing it, I wished I'd have left the Happy Birthday in tact. There were huge scrape marks across the cake. It was embarrasing. Oh well. We got through it. And on the upside, it tasted good. :)

So thats it. Hopefully I am back to posting soon. Tomorrow I was suppose to go to the pumpkin patch but it looks like I have to string an electric fence up instead. Huge bummer. Its just going to be one of those kind of weekends I think. Thats what I get for overscheduling. I didn't allow for mishaps. DOH!


  1. That poster is just adorable!!! And I'm sure everyone had such a great time that no one even noticed the cake! And, if it tasted good, that was a definite plus!!!

  2. Great job! I agree with you about the cake and would be pissed myself. I'm sure no one else even noticed anything other than the beautiful decor!

  3. If the cake hadn't been messed up then there wouldn't be a funny story to tell! Every party needs one of those! I bet it was wonderful! And the poster is very cute!

  4. The poster turned out so awesome!! I love it! And don't stress out about the cake...everyone lovd it I bet!

  5. at least tasted good...Did you let them have it?

    glad you had people staying longer. it is like you say: when they stay longer it means they are enjoying themselves.

    You should get a free cake for next time. :)