Thursday, October 7, 2010

First Card With Imagine

This is my first attempt to make a card with my Imagine. I used Nursery Tails for the cartridge. The border takes some getting use to. I obviously didn't like it and tried to ink the edges. Was not thrilled with the result of that. But did learn a bit more about the machine while screwing around with it. So all was not lost.

Its a huge game of trial and error for me. But I think its "passable" so I'll throw it in the bin. Not my best work. But its not the worst thing ever either. (What am I saying? I didn't even do anything. Pasted it to cardstock and inked it. Oy. Talk about having no skills.) The saying "its so easy even a caveman can do it." Just popped into my head.

I think I just went print happy for a bit. Forgetting it had just a cut mode or that I "had" printed paper 3' behind me. So... I'll have to curb the "print everything" mode I got myself into. OR I need to buy stock in HP. My choice I guess.

Just plain cardstock of solid colors for the rest of the card. A martha steward punch was used on the two corners. Thats it.

If you have any tips on the imagine I'd love to hear them as you discover new things.

I am excited for the possibilities of this machine. I don't think its quite "there" yet, but when it is, WOW. Its gonna be amazing. My largest gripe at the top of my brain (other than the worlds crappiest non sticking matt) is that I'd love to be able to "grab" my images and place them anywhere on the mat for printing and cutting. I detest the fact that its not an option right now. PLEASE let that be one of the first upgrades. Oh, and get it GYPSY compatible.

So those are my thoughts and my first card. I can honestly say that I like my second card better. I'd post it now, but then I would have anything to post tomorrow. LOL!

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