Saturday, October 16, 2010

Remember this wreath?

Another quick post today. Yep... More baby stuff. But hey, at least I am posting! :)

Well, at the last second I went ahead and hot glued some bath toys on there. They came right off after the shower. And I liked the wreath alot better with something on it. It was just so plain before! I guess if you were really worried about it, you could attach with velcro. But the hot glue worked great for me. The baby 'might' have a dot on glue leftover on some portion on her diaper, but I think most of it peeled right off.


  1. What a really cute idea this is!! I love it!!

  2. You are just too funny!!! That poor baby will appreciate when he/she is an adult no name was mentioned!!! LOL!

    I love your wreath!

  3. can you re-heat the glue for easier removal?

    i do too like it embellished better,:)