Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A wizard bday card

Paperdolls, paperdolls, paperdolls.... Give me more of em' any time! They have so many extra's that are great for boys and girls. Love, love, love them! This one was done using the blackout feature for the wizard. I tried my very best to draw a tiny lil' lion for the crest, but I don't need to tell YOU guys how much I stunk at it. So... I substituted a tiny 'G' for Gryffyndor and called it good.

Oh, and in case your 'just' tuning in... We are in a huge Harry Potter phase here at the house. And so are all J's lil' buddies. His bestie is having a bday party this weekend and I needed to make a card. I hadn't received his invitation at the time of the card making so I went with wizard. Oy!!! When I got the invite it was Super Mario!!! Shoot. Totally missed that by a mile. But such is my life. However, I am confident that the kiddo will love it regardless. Well, as much as a kid CAN enjoy a card. Ha Ha Ha!

Jaryd really wanted me to make a wizard card. So per his request it was done. When finished I proudly walked it in for his aproval. The little turd loved all of it except the face. Apparently that is not a wizard face. Hmmm, maybe all you could help petition Peachykeen for some wizard type faces? LOL! That kid cracks me up.

Enjoying a cold and wet day here. Hope yours is sunnier and warmer!


  1. U have to love the honesty of kids... I thought it was a GREAT wizard. I hope u r feeling ok...:-(. I don't win by u going by Enfys blog- but u would have a chance to win... I really don't have hopes of winning, there r so many people that enter those drawing... BUT there is always that chance it could be me...hugs

  2. This is adorable! I can't even imagine attempting to draw a tiny lion. I can't even draw a face on a doll - I've tried, and I've sucked pretty badly. *LOL* Oh, I'm sure Jaryd's comment was frustrating. My husband does that to me. "Looks good, except..." Grrr! *LOL*

  3. This is awesome...and don't worry, the video game thing was my idea! No theme to the party! I have been warned! LOL! He is totally going to love this! You are so cool that you are hot! :)