Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ravenclaw quiditch robe

This is what I came up with over the weekend for Jaryd's harry potter ravenclaw quiditch robe. Since no match has taken place on any of the movies that I have seen, I didn't have much to go off of. And there are so many interpretations on the net. I had no pattern. What I did have was 3 yards of blue fabric. Which was cutting it WAY close. But I was stubborn and didn't want to spend alot of money on something I was sure I'd screw up and its just for play and hanging on his wall. Mostly its just going to hang on his wall for decoration. We are just waiting for the ravenclaw patch that I can iron on from Ebay.(It was only $0.99! with free shipping!)

I did have to pick up the gold material for the trim. But joanns was having a fabulous sale, so it came in under $5.00 and that included the gold thread. So not bad.

How did I do it without a pattern? Hee Hee Hee. Ever make a snow angel before? Yep. As silly as it was, I laid the material on the floor and had Jaryd lay down on the ground gently on top of it. With a white fabric marker I marked where his head would be and the length of his arms. It was a crude little mark up. But gave me the jist of things. So I set to work cutting it all out and pinning it here and there. I don't measure, and I don't pin. Its a miracle it stays together! But really, it went well. I sewed it once and it was really tight in the armpits. So I got to rip it all out and resew with a smaller seam allowance. I will admit that the ripping was awful. I keep saying that I don't have patience. When will someone believe me? LOL! But it was a nice lesson for me. And the end result was totally worth it. I would have just left it straight blue. Fitted at the top and open at the bottom. But admittedly it was too plain. Jaryd really wanted a bit of pizazz. So on our way back from lunch we picked up that gold. I sewed two long tube type strips of the gold. Approximately 4" wide. Then I sewed it to the blue front edge. Tapering from 1.25 inches to the larger 4" toward the bottom. Put a little hook and eye closure at the top so it stays together but stays open at the bottom so it flows freely. Last I hemmed the sleeves and bottom. I am ecstatic for how well it came together. No holes. No snags. And it actually fits. WAHOO!


  1. You're too funny!! Hey, whatever works! It looks great!

  2. If you aren't the most clever one... that is just too awesome. You did a FABULOUS job. Who would have thought of the snow angel... lol.. I am one that has to have a pattern. Tell Jaryd he looks TOTALLY awesome in it... Great job. hugs

  3. you made me laugh so hard. but you did so good. your angel pattern is something to keep in mind ;p

    he looks so good in it tough. i bet he is a very happy wizard right now ;p

  4. Your Robe looks fantastic. My son was so into Star Wars at this age, I once made a Obiwon Kanobie outfit that was worn for years. Being a crafty mom is such fun!!Great job.