Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Superman Card & Ollivander Wand

Just a quick birthday card using the Cricut superman cartridge and some dcwv paper. Happy Sixth Birthday Brock!

Okay, this is the final Harry Potter type post I think. Just sharing the wand that I made Jaryd. I printed a wand care sheet and a letter that appeared to come from Mr. Ollivander himself. Stating how he made a wand just for Jaryd and what type of secret ingredients it was constructed from. It was a pretty clever letter if I do say so myself!

To make the wand I snipped the end off a bamboo knitting needle and painted with blue metallic paint. I know they are usually just wood sticks, but I was having fun! Added a couple silver wolf prints so it would have a wolf patronus. And a bolt of silver lightning because J seems fasinated by lightning and HP has a lightning bolt scar on his forehead. So I just put it on his wand. Add a blue bead at the end for a bit of pizazz.

Hope this gives Harry Potter fans out there with kiddos some ideas. And if you DO choose to use a knitting needle, please nip off the tips and sand them to make them blunt on the end. To quote one of my favorite xmas movies "You'll poke your eye out!"


  1. Great card, I love the colors

  2. Great card and wand. Very neat that you made a letter and wand care sheet to go with it as well.

  3. it looks like Superman is going to fly right off the paper... AWESOME card.. AND you are sooo clever to make the wand.. I am sure Jaryd loved it... you are so creative.. and post all you want of Harry Potter, I am enjoying all of the amazing things you are making for Jaryd... hugs

  4. Love the card and wow you went so far with the wand. TFS