Friday, April 8, 2011

Harry Potter Spell Book

Hello lovely ladies and gentlemen. :) Today is a Harry Potter day. No real major crafting and no cricut. However, it does deal with paper so I thought I'd share. If any Potter fans are out there with kiddos they might like this idea. I know that Jaryd had been pouring over it for the last 24 hours. Hardly has set it down! (Sure makes mom feel good!)

Many of my friends know that I bought the HP series to encourage my son to read. He reads only because he 'has' to and never for the fun of it. I thought if I found an interesting enough book to engage him, I might draw him over to the literary side. :)

Let me tell you, its been a fight! But even if he refuses to admit it to me HE LOVES the series. I don't know how many times he's stupified me or put me in a full body bind... I guess I should feel fortunate he hasn't used any of the curses. LOL!

So.... Back to what I came here for: Last night I opened up a editing software and altered the Hogwarts sign slightly. Then pasted it to the front of a inexpensive folder. I 'could' have binded it like a real book with my yourstory. However, I decided to put it in this type of folder so we may add on to it as he gets further into the series. He's a very imaginative child so I wanted it to be able to be altered at any given time. To start off, we did a section on Charms, Spells, Curses and Jinx's, Potions, and Notes. The 'notes' pages follow each individual section so that he may add any of his own ideas and whatever charms, spells, etc... he invents.
(I used the Papyrus font at 16 and 14)

My mind was going wild with ideas. Like 'aged' paper etc. But I was hurting and he just wanted it done. (Side note: Never discuss an idea for a project with a child or they will NEVER leave you to a moments peace until it is complete!) I also wanted to use really thick cardstock for each page (for durability) but once I did the charms pages he complained the pages were too stiff. So I reprinted on regular computer paper for easy flipping. So, if you do your own version, do what works best for you and your munchkins!

Hope you find it interesting. Have a great day!


  1. When Harry Potter first came out.. my kids really enjoyed reading them, in fact I was enjoying reading them... so many people were having such a problem with the books, I continued to let my kids read them... but I started praying whether it was something we should be reading.. by then my kids were old enough to make their own decisions.. which I didn't always agree with (and till don't lol) hugs my friend

  2. I have read the books and enjoy them. I think this is great for your son and I know he is enjoying this notebook. It is so neat!

  3. I forgot to say what a great idea to do the notebook...hugs

  4. we all loved harry potter in this family. since it first came out we were in love. i do not see any problems with it. if you think about it we we grew up in a fairy world from santa, easter bunny to cinderella and more, lol

    anyhow, this is a perfect project for jaryd or any kid. they can adapt it to any other book or story or game.

    great project to get that imagination rolling!

  5. This is awesome! P is going to love it!