Monday, April 25, 2011

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Bean Bag

Just a simple project that I did for Easter. This was originally a cloth napkin that I cut in half and then sewed a ribbon in the top to create a draw string bag. Printed the label on the computer and then iron on the front. Went to the supermarket and grabbed some Jelly Belly beans from the bulk department and then added "bean boozled" jelly belly beans from the specialty store. Those are the nasty flavored ones like booger and vomit. Why kids thinks it so great to taste something so gross is beyond me. Smelling "skunk spray" when Jaryd bit into one was enough for me thank you very much! The good thing is, most of the beans are regular flavored. But its those 'sneaker' ones that kill all the joy. But Jaryd is having a great time with this Harry Potter treat.


  1. And is this the girl that said she doesn't sew... you sure are full of surprises.. love the idea and I am with you on those jelly beans.. but glad Jaryd enjoyed them.. hugs

  2. you are so bad, lol. poor jaryd. hehe

    the bag came out darling :P

  3. Hi there, my friend!!! What an adorable little bag and a great-great idea!