Sunday, April 24, 2011

Honeydukes Easter Basket

Hope everyone is having a delightful Easter this morning. Here's a peak at Jaryds basket. Yep, its huge. You can think his grandma for that one. I've always filled it with necessities to fill up space and then a smaller toy and a chocolate bunny. A few jelly beans are in the eggs that lead the trail to find the basket. Thats the usual. But this year, we went hog wild. Candy galore! I got a bit carried away with my harry potter themed basket. LOL! Most of the candy came from the dollar tree so it was inexpensive. I got to tap my inner crafty self by transforming regular boring candy into wonders that came from the honeyduke store. I think I had more fun creating it than he did discovering it. But its a close tie. He loved loved loved the basket. Huge hit. And since we 'killed the easter bunny' this year, we thought we'd go out with a bang. Yep, no more easter bunny, santa clause or tooth fairy at this house. The gig is up! PHEW! I am saddened and relieved all in the same breathe. Funny thing is, I have been struggling with whether to tell him or not (don't want him to be teased at school) and here he's known for over a year! Sheesh. He was just riding it out to get more stuff. Yep! He's definately a ward boy! (not that I ever questioned that. LOL!) But its funny to see certain traits be so dead on.


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  1. I clicked on that basket and all I can say is he is one lucky boy... you did good mom... lol.. hugs my friend