Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I have had this car with the surf board hanging out on my workbench for over a year and a half easy. Always meant to use it, but never did. Well, a friends hubby is having a birthday this weekend and I needed something. So, for a non-traditional style bday card, this is what I came up with. He tends to be on the 'intense' side if you don't know him. So I think this will fit. At the very least, I will get a rare smirk!

Also wanted to let you guys know that I will be away from the blog for a short while. Having some issues that will soon resolve itself. Plus, I am on a new adventure. Yes folks, I have been forced to take the 5 layers off dust off my sewing machine and SEW a wizard robe. The things that I will do for my kid!!! I don't sew. I really hope he keeps his expectations low!!! But I have to at least try. Wish me luck! And I'll be back in a week or so and post the outcome. However hideous. For your viewing pleasure. Plus any other projects I can fit in the meantime.

Have fun and stay crafty!


  1. Oh Kristie what a great mom u r.. I can't wait to see the wizard robe,
    I know it is going to be awesome. I. hope whatever needs to be resolved is resolved soon. I will be praying for u my friend. And i think your friend is going to love this card....hugs sandy

  2. Cute card! Good luck with your wizard cape... I attempted to make a Laura Ingalls Wilder outfit, lets just say I'm stickin' with card making!

  3. Soooo are you going to go ahead and make two? You know that P is going to want one also! And think of all of the time you will save me! LOL! I can't wait to see it! And I love the card!

  4. My son would love this card too. He is always asking to take him to the beach, so he can go surfing.