Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Whose been bad?

Come on. I need everyone to fess up and help assuage my guilt!!! I put myself on a spending freeze and then BAM!!! I was bad. Very, very bad.

I broke down and got TWO paper packs last night. TWO! Did I need more paper? NO!!!

This is on the heels of buying the 3 Martha Stewart carts.

And while I am being horrid and admitting my crimes, lets just get it out there now. Okay, I did it. I picked up the Wall Decor & More cartridge. But did I stop there? NO!!! I ordered Happy Hauntings and Rock Princess. (Hanging head in shame.)

The only reason I did not go further in debt was because I didn't have the numbers for winter frolic and country life. Yeah... I have an addiction to scrapbooking.

Why am I confessing? Because a friend of mine was looking for a list of my carts. You know when you write it down it makes it worse right? Agh!She wants me to admit to my madness. She actually entertained the idea of surprising me with a cart! I am so lucky to have these dear people in my life. But really? Does it sound like I could use more? I want her to save her money!!! So that is why I am blabbering about my new purchases. So she knows that I am not doing "without." When in fact Ive been bad. Very, very bad! Anyone else this terrible? You know, I'd love some company in the time out chair. :)


  1. OK, I have been bad too!! I just can't help it! Joann's has been having the craziest sales!! I just love buying the supplies and getting them organized... Oh and to top it off a Hobby Lobby just opened like 5 miles away! LOL Good Times!!!

  2. I just bought sweethearts because I'm making my own cards and selling them and their has been a big demand for 50th wedding Anniversary cards lately. I wish I could buy more but I have been really bad when it comes to printed paper packs.
    I want more carts maybe Santa will bring me some if I'am a little good.

  3. Ummmmmmmmm....yeah...I just kind of did the same thing. I went to CKC in Charlotte and went over budget there (all the details on my blog) and I have since bought Rock Princess, Happy Hauntings, and Freshly Picked. OH, and I am still looking at cartridges!