Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Anniversary

Hi everyone. Miss me? I bet not. But here I am anyways. :)

Today is my Anniversary. Been married to my love for 12 years now. Why did the song "I will survive!" pop into my head just now when I typed that? Too funny!! Anyhow, its been a wonderful 12 years. Full of lifes ups and downs, but truly, a wonderful marriage. Can't ask for a better man. He loves his family and treats us right. So I am blessed.

We are both overweight. I am currently working on slowly changing my status, but hey, I am a work in progress. Not sure why I thought of this when I wanted to make my husband a Anniversary card but I love it. And my hubby did too. His only question was "which one of us is the marshmellow?" Does he really need to ask that?

Inside the card I wrote all the smooshy stuff. Thought I'd just show you the blank version so you wouldn't get sick. But after I filled out the smooshy part I decided to go further. I made a "smore" out of paper. Forgot to get a pic of it. But it said "We go together like marshmellows and chocolate. I love you 'smore' everyday!"

It was cute and he loved it. So I am totally happy.


  1. OMG! That is too cute! Happy Ani! What are those stamps?

  2. SO stinkin' cute!!! I really love this! Congrats on 12 years! We just celebrated our 12th exactly one week before yours!

    Glad to see you back!

  3. LOL!!! You make me laugh with your husbands question....hehe! Love your card and Im so happy for you and glad to hear about your wonderful 12 year journey. May you have a lot of more beautiful days with your husband.

  4. Happy 12th anniversary!!! What a sweet card you made!

  5. What a great card! Our anniversary is September 1st and I just finished scheduling a post for it. :) Thanks for becoming a follower. How did you find me? ;) I'm glad you did. I hope you have a beautiful day!