Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cherry On Top Award

How great is Nicole at http://creativedelightsbynicole.blogspot.com/ Isn't she amazing? I am so glad she tripped over my blog and commented because, man, I am blown away by some of her projects. I love her vinyl project on a glass frame for a baby dedication gift, its beautiful. You should go check her out. :)

Rules for this award: Thanking the person that gave it to you --- THANK YOU NICOLE! I REALLY APPRECIATE IT!

Copy award to your blog.... (Did that!)

3. List three things that you love about yourself.
This one always trips me up. Um, I love that I can laugh at myself (because really, who else will?) Okay yeah.. This is hard. I don't really "love" any particular thing about myself. But I am grateful for what I have. Can I just skip this one? PLEASE?

4. Post a picture that you love... Oooohhh so many of those. But what do I have stored on the puter? THATS the question. I am so lazy tonight. Hmmmm.. Just a sec.
Doesn't it just look like a fairytale pic? Gorgeous!!! Love this one.

5. Pass it on to five people --- Oh come on! That is so unfair! Ya'll deserve this one. I am totally getting in trouble for hogging the computer, so I am leaving it for everyone to grab. Love all the blogs I follow. Otherwise, why would I follow?! You guys are great. Thanks for stopping in and leaving comments when you can. I love them! EVERYONE HAVE A SAFE AND HAPPY LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!


  1. love the pic!

    it is so hard to pass these awards because like you we all deserve them.