Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Way to go...

Not entirely sure that I pieced this correctly. But oh well! He's cute. :)

Obviously used the Robotz cartridge... LOL! Cut everything at 4".

This card goes to my nephew. AUNTIE IS SO PROUD OF YOU!!! (He won first place at his first motorcycle race!) He's only 5, so this is HUGE!!! I am so very sad I missed the big race but his momma was super and got all the action pics. So at least I got to "see" it that way. Love you Brock! Your so very special and I am so proud of you.


  1. That robot is super cute! I do not have the cartridge yet.. but hope to!

  2. Hello, my friend! You're nephew is going to be so happy with that too cute card!!! And, tell the little winner, he's got a big congratulations all a friend in Chicago who say's she's proud of him too!

  3. 5 and a racer already? love him! Like Audrey says...tell him your friends r are really happy and proud of him.

    Great card!

  4. Cute card!! I love the robotz cartridge!

  5. Awww how cool is that! I am sure he loved this card cause it is cute cute cute! I want it someday! LOL...