Monday, June 14, 2010

Logger Retirement Card

First of all, please excuse my hands in the previous photos. I was/am being extremely lazy. I am wiped out. This weekend was a tough one. However, lots was accomplished and I feel great about that. :)

My mom came to me at the beginning of last week and asked what I had for stock on "retirement" cards. Now, I don't know about you, but I usually make cards with a specific person in mind when it comes to those (and sympathy) cards. Those are not ones I typically stock. But I asked her what she'd like and since I knew the person it was not difficult to get a flow going. Unfortunately my brain refused to cooperate when I hit a road block. What I ended up with was a pitiful excuse for a card. I hated everything about it. But as a mom, she decided to "love" it. Well, there was no way in HECK I was letting that go out the door with my name on it. I told her that I'd use the same principal but make a better card. --- Then the week goes by and I completely spaced remaking it. OOPS!!!

To say that we had a lot happening this weekend is putting it mildly. On top of it all I was in pain Saturday night and just waiting for the minutes to tick by so I could get up. When BAM!!! It hits me at 2:00 A.M that I forgot to remake that card. Now, was it the end of the world? NO. She could have went out and BOUGHT a card if it came down to it. Or I could have whipped one up first thing if I got right on it in the morning. But nope. I was laying there miserable anyway. Why not get up and DO something?!

So I ripped that old stinkin' card apart and got to work on this. I am fairly happy with the turn out. Of course its not perfect. I would have wanted perfect grass cuts instead of the crappy ones I got. But come on, it was 2 in the morning!!! Turns out we had a major (extended) family emergency on sunday and I would never had got the chance to remake the card had I waited. So I am glad that I got my buns up and got this far.

I ended up using the my community cartridge. I believe it was suppose to be a miner. But I cut the light off his hat and made his pick ax more into a regular wood cutting ax. I don't think its half bad myself. What do you think?


  1. What a great job you did in altering the miner!!! Your card turned out awesome!!!

  2. I am sending a blog award your way! Come check it out on my blog!

    P.S. Cute card!

  3. great card

  4. Nice Card! I also wanted to say Congratulations on your Award given to you by DoubleClick Connections!!!
    I'm now your follower as well.

    Quilled Hugs,
    Linda K.