Monday, June 14, 2010

Thank you - Tea Pot

Now, if I had half a brain, I'd have remembered to take a picture of the lovely table setting I had a week ago when I invited my dear friend Andrea over for lunch. I hadn't seen her in FOREVER so I wanted to make her visit special. I pulled out my china and brewed a nice pot of tea and anxiously awaited her arrival. We had a ball! An impromptu tea party! --- She new nothing about my plan. But showed up with a lovely gift bag in hand. Inside, my favorite brand of tea!!! Man, I have great friends!

So this was a quick thank you for her. I used liquid glass for the front to give it a bit of shine and texture. Another friend of mine, Michelle, turned me onto that stuff. If you haven't tried it, DO!!! I love it. :)

Shutting up now. Here is the card:


  1. What a wonderful card! And what a wonderful friend to show up with a gift in hand on an impromtu visit!

  2. I love how the liquid glass looks on the teapot!!