Monday, June 14, 2010

King of my castle

This card requires a little explanation. I had a few "projects" in the works and unfortunately I didn't clean up my workspace in between ending one and starting another. Hence my big error on this one. I don't really care for it inked like it is.I totally flubbed it up. Got it all done and went to stamp my signature in the back (Why would I even DO this??? My husband knows who I am?!) --- dragging the front through some ink in the process. ERRRR!!! Have you ever done that? Talk about irritated with myself. Instead of tossing it and starting over, I thought I'd just follow through with it and go all inky to cover it up. So, there it is. One inked up mess. :)

And here is a box that I made to put a part of his gift in:


  1. Despite the ink, I love the card and the box!!! I think your hubby will too! Maybe you can smudge the ink to tone it down a little (???). Anyway, you're not alone, I've made "goofs" to -- a lot of them!!!

  2. cute really like both