Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A friend

A dear friend need a shoulder last night. So after a few good cries and some much need girl talk, we got to crafting. Its better than chocolate in our opinion. Chocolate compliments crafting quite well though. LOL!

She wouldn't let me show her cards, but here is what I came up with for a 40th anniversary card for our friends. I just love burgandy!

Got the cuttlebug out for this one and ran threw my stash of knick knacks and baubles for the heart. It didn't need much, I was going for simple and elegant. Because that is what the lady is to me. I am a bit nervous to give this to them. She's like Martha Stewart! Her cooking, her home, ahhhh, she excels. But I think this will just have to do. I am "over thinking" it as usual. So without further ado... Here it is!

(Please excuse the blurry photo!)????


  1. So elegant. I'm sure Martha herself would love it.

  2. Just2Ducky, that is one beautiful card!!!

    Thanks for visiting me and leaving such a kind comment!


  3. So nice! I love the colors and the great heart!

  4. So beautiful and elegant!! Love it.