Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Creative Writer Award

All my random ramblings have caught the attention of our beloved Audrey at http://cuteandsome.blogspot.com/

Isn't she just a doll? Love her designs and her "can do" spirit. She always takes the time to comment on my blog and I just adore her! If you don't follow her already, I strongly suggest you go check her blog out. I guarantee you'll love it.

Thank you Audrey for this award. I love that you thought of me. :)

I am suppose to list 5 true thing about myself, so here they are:
I love coffee. Hot or iced --- it's yummy.
Love ice tea. Especially with mint.
Crazy for ooey gooey cinnamon rolls.
I still detest the eliptical machine at the sports center.
And I once won first place in a bubble gum bubble blowing contest.
Which of these statements are not true? :)

PHEW!!! Could you tell I really had to think on those?!

I'd like to pass it along to: http://flowerdiscosscraphut.blogspot.com/




http://www.krazyquilling.com/ (who happens to be a brand new follower (welcome!) you'll be amazed at her creations. Not to mention her patience?! How in the world can one DO that with paper and stay sane?)


  1. Thank you so much for that beautiful comment about my blog and my creations!! Believe it or not Quilling is my tool for keeping me sane!!!lol... It might look complicated but anyone can do it!!Hope you try it at least once. Thank you again.

    Quilled Hugs,
    Linda K.

  2. I haven't been around here for a while but I see you have been busy too. Thanks so much for the award, It is very nice of you thinking of me and I appreciate it. I will put it up tomorrow :D

    I took a look at your latest creations and I love the logger. What a great card. Love all the dimension on it. I like the textured trees too. what anice touch.

    About the inked one, lol...It happens to me all the time too, GRRR!!! including today :)

    Love the box you made for the gift and your keep in touch cards.

    Your friend must have loved the tea pot too. So elegant!

    Now...I have to go and try to keep up with google reader, :D