Sunday, January 2, 2011

A tale of two stockings

It all started a couple years ago. A friend and I were disgruntled at our hubby's inability to properly stuff a stocking. Often times ours would remain empty. And that was OKAY. We didn't really mind. But we got to thinking... Dangerous, I know... And we came up with the idea that we'd exchange stockings amongst ourselves. The one time a year where its just the two of us. No kids, no hubs, nothing. We'd take an hour to ourselves and have coffee and open our presents and squeal with delight. The first year, it was grand. But I couldn't keep all her crap in one stocking. I mean stuff. The "stuff" just multiplied so I sewed two stockings together in a crazy fashion designed to make her laugh. She bested me with a "stretchy" stocking because she couldn't get all my crap to fit in the either. We had such a grand time! It went so well that we thought we'd do Easter baskets amongst ourselves. YEAH RIGHT?! Did I ever tell you how busy we are? We hardly have time to get together. So that just didn't work. But that didn't stop us from collecting all the crap. I mean "stuff!" LOL! So this year we were having a terrible time 'containing' ourselves. We finally had to say a number so we'd be even. Guess what number she chose? 75! We both could have easily gone over but really, after all the wrapping etc. UGH! It became a chore. So we had to stop. Stockings were no longer options. I contained hers in a paper ream box that overflowed. And THIS is what she came in with. I think I might have peed my pants I laughed so hard. Okay, I didn't. But it was close! She really should have called and warned me to wear some depends. I thought I'd take a moment and share some items in my "stocking". Here are a few:

Ikea Bag/Stocking

A mere glimpse of all my fun gifts!

The wooden easel was part of the gift too. We always exchange ducky and monkey stuff so this just went with our silliness.

Don't you just LOVE this container? Its home to my embossing gun at the moment.

Just ONE of the sets of stamps. She knows I am a sucker for stamps!

Aren't these neat? They are reusable hand warmers!!! She knows how I just freeze and the little dearheart hooked me up!

Oh, and this? Yeah... I had no idea what I was going to do with this. But laugh all you want. This sucker is LOUD. I was going to give it to my son, but I can't stand how loud it is. HOWEVER it makes a great horse detracter. I kid you not. A horse was trying to bring down the fence and J and I took turns with this sucker to drive it away. So yep, I love and use ALL the stuff in my stocking. :)

Not everything is scrap related. Most are just silly trinkets to bring a smile to our faces. We often pick the same things which makes a hoot with laughter. We both walk away with so many great things, but I know for me, its the memory made that day that I treasure the most.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE. And yep, I am back. :)


  1. Seriously.... my stocking is always empty too, I think you are onto something!! That is just too awesome!! It's better than Christmas! And I think I will hang the same bag on the fireplace next year and see what happens LOL!!

  2. Empty stocking syndrome seems to be an epidemic! Of course, HIS stocking is overflowing each year, but mine??? Nothing, nada, zip. Hmph...LOL!!! Love this, and I'm glad you had fun and that you are back!

  3. Sounds like you have fun with your stocking exchange or is more of grab bag exchange? LOL