Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A scrappy kind of thank you card.

Nothing too wow or over the top. Just a cuttled "Thank You" and some scrap paper. But... at least I posted. :)

I just love using up my scrap paper for small thank you cards. I often get intimidated that I have to make a "wow" card. And for Thank You's --- You really don't. So, I just threw my silly ways to the side and made a quick card and didn't spend alot of thought or time on it. But, I am still handing someone a "personal" card rather than store bought, so I feel good.

(Oh, and I added the details for the butterfly on that post so incase you were wondering what cartridge and sizes, please refer back. Thanks!)


  1. Great card. I agree that I would rather give or receive a handmade card anyday than a purchased one.