Wednesday, June 13, 2012

PDDU 8 Challenge (I guess?) LOL!

Hey all, its time to confuse the heck out of you. You know how we've been plugging away with the PDDU challenge? You know how all the ladies were turning in fantastic and inspiring projects? Well, leave it to me to screw it up! Ugh. I have no idea how it happened. Well I do. But... Anyways... I am back tracking back to PDDU 6 because apparently I missed one. I was using my Gypsy and the two "witches" or "sorcery" type ladies looked the same to me so I thought I'd done it. Go ahead. Look at page 51 and 55 and agree that they are alot alike. Not the extras. But the girls. LOL! So when working on a Gypsy and seeing those teeny icons I didn't catch it. I just thought. Oh, did the girl now I am on to magic man. My bad! Its all my fault. I should have been referring to the book. I just got so excited to have my Gypsy girl back, I jumped a little ahead! :) So please, forgive me while I jump back to catch up. Told you I was going to confuse you! SO here it is. Using accessorie 2 instead of the girl, I made a crystal ball type thing for a zoo invitation. Cut out at 3.5". it was super easy. I just plunked it on some DCWV paper and added stickers to complete. Easy peasy. A little too easy. But if you knew the kind of week I've had, you'd forgive me. I won't bother you with the details. Just know that I am a goon and carry on.

OH!!!! And check on the other ladies to see their scrumptious projects!





  1. I really like your crystal ball project! It was just meant to be to create something else!

    Stay Creative,
    Carson's Creations

  2. LOL.. oh come now, we all know it was just that "little" rebel in you wanting to come out. You are so funny. i was just wondering why i haven't seen you posting. I love your crystal ball with all the monkeys and love that little sentiment.. you are so creative. hugs

  3. Lol. You crack me up. As long as we are having fun that is all that counts. We are camping again this weekend so my brain will be gone again. We spent 12 hours today painting and the smell is getting to me. Not. Maybe it is old age. Can I use that. No its just my brain. Well until we meet again next week. Keep up the GREAT job. Hugs