Thursday, July 8, 2010

Retirement Card

A while back I told you I had several retirement cards. Here is another one. He retired from a laminating plant. Don was absolutely tickled with this card. He insists on displaying it and showing everyone. Isn't he cute? Turns out he was a wee bit jealous of me sending his wife cards and none for him! Cracks me up. I will definately remedy that in future.

This one was done a couple weeks ago. So for the life of me I can't not remember if I used My Community or My World. I know it was one of the two! (Does this mean I am getting old?) I cuttlebug'd and inked the background and then used some Tim Holtz alcohol inks on some toothpicks for logs. Used twine to bind the bundle of "logs" and hot glued it to the building. It was a simple card, but he got such a kick out of it that it continues to make me smile.

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