Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Baby Shower Invitation

Okay, this picture sucks. Its so cute in person! Really!!! I don't normally love my creations, I am my own worst critic I think. But I had so much fun doing this. Maybe it was because it was for such a dear friend?! I am so excited to meet her little girl that I couldn't wait to work on something. I have 3 months to think of all the decorations etc. So plenty of time to tinker and play. And tinker and play I will!!! BWAHAHA~ (That was an evil eccentric laugh...)

I struggled with this one for a bit. I was originally going down an entirely different theme and path until one day on our walk she told me how if its Disney, it was in her nursery. She didn't care what it was, if it was D, it was in. However, she named like 12 things pooh that she bought and confessed a soft spot for the little guy. Well, hmmm... I have 2 pooh carts that I don't work with much and one of them has baby hundred acre wood characters - I was excited to finally get an idea on how to proceed. Since its a "baby shower" what better than pooh in a wash basin taking a bath???? --- But how to make it girly... That was my dilemma. I think that it turned out simple and girly. So I am happy!!! I think I need to add some more pink ink on the edges of the white cardstock. Its there, its just not showing very well on here. So I'll add a bit more later.

Okay now for the deets (I know, shocker, I wrote some of it down!)
The scalloped card was from A Childs Year and was cut at 5 3/4".
I used Pooh Font cartridge and cut pooh at 4".
The loopy cut was also from ACY and was cut at 5". Tied a pink irredescent ribbon to to it for fun.
For the rectangle center exclaiming "its a girl" - I used Plantin Schoolbook. Cut at 4. Paper was from Paper Pizzaz.
I cut all the layers out on plain cardstock. Don't ask me from brand names, I haven't got a clue. Inked Baby Pooh with some colorbok ink- I believe it was the mustard color. The blue cardstock represented water obviously so I put some light blue stickles on those pieces to bling it up a bit and add some pizzaz. The bubbles was my most very favorite part. After adhering the white cardstock, I added liquid applique and heat embossed it to raise it. After drying, I applied clear glitter paint to add sheen. Didn't that make it pop? I just love how it turned out. So do all that 24 times and there you have it. :)

Thank you all for stopping in tonight. And I see I have a few new followers... WELCOME! It means so much to me that you check in here and leave comments. Truly, I love and appreciate all of them. Even constructive critisism! So don't be shy, come in and say HI!!!


  1. Adorable!! I just love this cut!! The card is just perfect!

  2. Awwhh, what a cute pooh card! I think it looks great! I love the bubbles, yes they POP off the card! I love it!

  3. This is adorable!! I also left something for you on my blog when you get a chance to pick it up. :)

  4. Pooh is cute on its own but that tub I did fall in love with. beautiful! and yes...you did make it girly. :)

  5. So super cute! I have to agree nothing is better than Disney!

  6. super cute. I used the same pooh cut for my BFF's baby shower last year.