Saturday, April 10, 2010

Having Internet Issues

The internet tower is being worked on. So therefore its not going to allow me to be on here long and won't allow me to upload all the cards I made today. DANG IT!!!

Please, if you are being directed here, try back a bit later. I am sorry!

Since I can't post much, I guess I will go watch Karate Kid 2 with Jaryd and try not to laugh.My couch cushions are getting pummeled at the moment. HI YA!


  1. LOL, I will come back later so I can see your cards. I love all of your work.
    Hope ya enjoyed your movie.

  2. enjoy the action but sit out of arm's reach, wax on, wax off!

  3. i'll be back to see your cards too! hop problem resolvrd soon. i really miss it when i can't bloghop or craft!!! no much of a tv fan...

  4. I will come back to see youe cards and get a little inspiration!!!!! I hate when i have intertnet problems!!!!