Monday, April 19, 2010

Guitar Hero Bouquet

One of my favorite little boys is turning 9 today. Happy Birthday Parkadoodle! Hugs and smooshy kisses from me to you. :)

His mom is throwing him a guitar hero birthday bash this weekend(great mom huh?) so I thought I'd show up bearing this. Something fun to be set out on the table and a special little something to show him how much I care. I think I saw a version of this on the mb though I can't recall who did it or what they had (mental note, write this stuff down!!!) I just remember the pop rocks and thought "Oh, this would be perfect for the party!" So I cut a bunch of electric guitars from Indie Art and stickled like crazy. Even a boy needs some bling from time to time. :) The heart and wings are on Indie as well. I just "tied" them together to look "rockerish." Is that a word? HA! Well, it is now. LOL!

The bottom is covered with starburst. I think/hope he'll like it. I am going to attempt my first freezer paper tshirt for Jaryd to wear to the party. Thought it would be a good time because if I make any errors, it will look more distressed and rockerish (see, told you it was a word! Ha ha!) Wish me luck. . .


  1. very nice!! they are going to love it!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!! I'm sure the birthday bot will too.

  3. this is so cute, wow.....great job my friend!

  4. I totally love this! What a cute and "rockerish" LOL gift! I am sure he liked it alot! hehehe.. especially the candy...
    loved the freezer shirt too been wanting to make one of those so might have to try one soon.
    your on a roll!... love all that you have been making!