Friday, March 19, 2010


It's the Friday before my birthday. So its "play time" and I've been BAD!
Lantz and Jaryd snuck out last night while I was on my walk and came home with
a couple of cartridges. :) SHHHH!!!! I am not suppose to know about it yet. (wink, wink!) Tie The Knot, Ashylyn's Alphabet, & Hello Kitty Font are just waiting to be opened. And I can't wait! Torture I tell you, torture! Okay, I'll be honest... I am TOTALLY cheating. I am playing with them on my gypsy. But don't tell. LOL!

So how have I been bad? Well, I already ordered Straight From The Nest from HSN!
And got Sports Mania super cheap on ebay... So yeah, I am going to be in big trouble here shortly. Lantz won't care. He'll just roll his eyes. But I think I might need help from this obsession. Intervention anyone?

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  1. Oh, I'm so sorry I missed your birthday! Well, I'm gonna wish you a very belated happy birthday anyway. And, I hope you had a wonderful day!!!