Friday, March 19, 2010

More Craft Room Photos

Here is Jaryd's space. He has his own little bug. I got it - I mean SANTA got it for him for xmas. He was so excited. It was only $40 and you just can't beat that! Figured I could take it to crops etc if I wanted to and if he out grew it or if friends came over, I'd have another one for them to play with. I just recently made this little station up for him. He usually does all his projects on the middle wooden table, but I wanted an area that the bug wouldn't get knocked to the ground or have someone trip over the cord. So this little space works great for him. Notice how he had to have his own carts and wanted to store them like I did? Cracks me up!
Disregard his mess, he hasn't unpacked it since our crop at the coast.

This is the sewing area. Its just getting dusty at the moment. I can't seem to stay on one thing. I go in spurts. LOL!

And this is my area. I prefer to stand when I scrap for the most part. I hope to sew some covers for the mismatched bins so they coordinate with the room. But haven't done it yet. I like how its set up. Everything is in front of me or to the side of me. Everything is easy access. I tried to make it so it was available to everyone and just be overall scrap friendly. I have friends who come over to scrap and I like to make it so they are comfortable to just grab whatever and get to scrappin. I find the room very relaxing. Hope you like it. :)


  1. I love it!! I also love how Jaryd has his own little corner and his very own supplies. How cute is that? I think his corner is nicer than my whole room. LOL
    I love how your cricut area is so bright. It makes ya just wanna sit down and make something. Mine is also on an L shaped desk, and I love how everything is at a fingers reach. It makes everything so much easier, but my desk is a boring, dark, dull color.
    Love all the bins too above your area. Great room.
    I wish you and Jaryd lots of happy scrappin'.

  2. Where did you get those turqoise bins?
    I love the color same as mine!