Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tristan's Bday Card

This card definately has flaws. LOL! He's miss his S... And there is black open spots on his chest. So I went wrong somewhere... Luckily Tristan is only 4 - He'll know what its suppose to be and will love it.


  1. Great card!!! Where'd you get the superman? Is that on a cart?

  2. Yes -Its on the "superman" cart. LOL! I had to borrow it from Jaryd... I am trying to build up his boy cartridge collection but pc is making it difficult. So far he has dinosaur tracks and superman. I gave him my spongebob one as long as he lets me borrow it back. We are saving for batman next. Or maybe robots? Hmmm.. maybe its a GOOD thing Provo isn't doing many boy carts afterall!