Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Soliciting Sign

Good morning my lovelies! I just wanted to share a sign I made for the front stoop. I have dogs. One of which is a mastiff. She's still a puppy but at 140 pounds of  uncontrolable jubliant chaos on four legs, its REALLY hard to keep her from taking people out as they stand at the door. And with a two pound chihuahua as her faithful sidekick its hard to hold back the beast and still capture the mighty ankle biter before she gets to you too. Its just better you call ahead. Trust me. Anyways. I absolutely loathe solicitors. My feeling is, if I wanted something, I'll seek YOU out. You don't need to come to me. Especially in this day and age. I am so leary of opening the door to someone I don't know. And don't get me started on the religions that go to door to door. I have no problem with any religion, its just I believe as I believe and nothing you say is going to sway me towards you. And if your god is so great, you don't need to go door to door selling him. Thats just my thoughts on it. AND I have a kid. Yes he's old enough to answer a door but I don't want him to if we aren't there. For reasons stated above. So I decided to make a sign. Was going to do something cute like what is on pinterest. Like 'unless you are selling thin mints..." but then decided it would be too cute and they'd still ring the bell because its cutesy and I probably put it there for looks. I'm a pretty straight forward gal. So this was to the point but still pretty. I used my cricut explore. (Yes I upgraded!) to weld everything together. Birds are from Hannah Montana I think. I will have to get used to writing the info down again for blogging. My apologies! And I think i googled flourishes on the program and came up with this design by cutting and welding. I changed fonts for the 'answer the door' part so it would stand out a bit better. I 'might' have added a bird or two too many but all in all, I really like it! I used coraplast for the sign material since it would be outside and outdoor 651 oracal vinyl for the lettering.
 It works! Two ladies started to come to my door but stopped when they saw the sign. LOVE IT!

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