Thursday, November 29, 2018

Hey! I still have a blog! I got so busy with LIFE that I forgot all about blogging. LOL! I'll be ecstatic if I even remember how to post this. ;) So far, so good!

I recently decided to Disney'fy my kitchen. However, I quickly learned anything with Disney and Mickey is spendy. And there is not a lot of kitchen specific Disney items to choose from out there. So when I was bored I thought I'd cut a little Disney heartbeat sticker out of vinyl and stick above the stove on the hood vent. Just a little touch of Disney... Well... that got me going. LOL! 

I ran out to the craft room and cut this Disney image out to put on extra lazy susan I had laying around. I think it was originally created for a scrapbook page? I am not sure. But it had that big open square that I needed to fill. So I ended up using a K monogram to personalize it for my kitchen. 

Look out appliances! I've got vinyl and I'm coming for you! 

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