Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Buckeyes & Duck Cups

Good morning everyone. Going to really try to get back into blogging and posting pics this year. I got to the point that I felt everyone was already doing and posting so anything I showed wouldn't be new or exciting. But then came to the realization that no matter what I do, its still a bit different. Its my take on said project. And it 'might' be interesting to some. And it doesn't hurt anyone to post. So I should do it for 'me' above all but if it helps another than thats awesome too. With all that being said -- here we go. Blogging - Take 2!

So, any of you football fans? I am not over the top like some but I do love my Oregon Ducks. And my husband is from Ohio so he's a big Buckeye fan. I am too. They've sort of grew on me. BUT what is a girl to do when two of her teams compete against each other? I was soooo stressing out. So in order for me to keep my calm, I worked on the two images during the game and then during half time went out and cut them on my new Explore. My husband loved how his cup turned out and I'm pretty happy with mine too. It was done quickly and has some flaws but nothing too noticable. I used design space and oracle 651 vinyl. The glasses came from the dollar tree.

Hope you enjoyed the project. Have an amazing day!


  1. These are fun! I can't believe how many years it been since you last posted! Hope you are well! Carri~Abusybee

  2. Hi Carri! I know. I know. I just thought that I was making the same and wouldn't really be interested in what I was doing. I forgot all about rule number one, doing it for me! If anyone else likes it or is inspired by something I make, well, thats just gravy!