Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Does this look like a birthday card? Nope not really. But I was going for "your not antique, your timeless." Grams is turning 86 and is feeling a bit old and lonely. A little left out as she watches us hustle and bustle to and fro. So I wanted to do this card to let her know that she's not old. She's timeless, in fact priceless. Not to compare her to a chair, but to compare her to a chair... LOL! She's aged, but sturdy, useful, and comforting. The one that we always go to and curl up in. Her love has always enveloped us. Just like a good chair. :) So there you go folks, I have now lost it and have started comparing people to furniture. With any luck, I will committed by the end of the year!

I used the new Sophisticated cartridge for this one and some paper that had that fuzzy embossing on it? I love the texture of it! I topped it off by sewing a pillow to toss on the chair edge to add some dimension. Enjoy!


  1. LOL.. I always leave your blog with a smile on my face.. but how blessed you are to have a wonderful "Grams" to curl up with. She will love it (even if you are comparing her to a chair lol)... I love it.. and the pillow is such a great touch. I will meet you at the airport. lol.. Thanks for all your sweet encouragement.. I am truly blessed by your friendship. hugs from CA

  2. My friend you always have such a wonderful story to tell! I too love coming here to see your projects as well as the entertainment you provide!

    I think you're card will be just perfect for your grams, and congrats/happy birthday to her reaching the ripe young age of 86!


  3. Too cute! Love your story! "Chairish" (I just had to go there) everyday with your grandma! Mine passed away wayyyy tooo soon!! I have that paper also and love it.


  4. It is a really beautiful card! I really enjoyed your explanation of grams in comparison to a chair, had me laughing, but I get it! LOL!


  5. Great story and your card is absolutely beautiful tfs