Tuesday, August 16, 2011

School Supply Shopping? Um, no....

Well, yeah, I did. I went school supply shopping. But did you know that in this little town, Staples is next to Michaels? How can I be next door to M's and not go in? It just wouldn't be right. Right? LOL! So here is my haul.


  1. Fun! It is hard to resist temptation :)

  2. ROFL... you are so funny. I so love it when you post on my blog. Looks like I need to come to your house to play. hugs my friend
    (glad to see you posting again, we missed you while you were gone- well I did, I don't know if Audrey did.. LOL.

  3. I MOST CERTAINLY DO LOVE YOU TOO!!! Guess I'll have to send you something too to prove it, huh? LOL!!!