Sunday, August 14, 2011

Accordian Album

Heres a fun little accordian album. Nothing too fancy to get my groove back on. I wanted to keep it very simple and without alot of embellishments. I don't know this ladies grandkids but she has been doing a lot for me and talks about them all the time. They recently went to the zoo together so I quickly made this up so she can put some of those photos from her trip on her mantle or elsewhere in her house to make her smile. Its just some covered grungeboard cut into slight arches, punched eyelets for sturdiness, and joined by mismatching ribbon for color and fun.

Hope you peeps had a fantastic weekend. I know I did!


  1. This is super fun! Great papers!


  2. She will love it how thoughtful you are.... I love the different color of ribbons so colorful.. hugs

  3. Super cute :) What fun and colorful paper!